Hello friends :)

Your friendly neighborhood House Husky will be running the kitchen for the first two games. Dianne (my fantastic wife) and I are starting to menu plan. I know we have a large number of food allergies, if I don't have one listed here would you be so kind as to please reply and I'll edit my list?

*No sugar substitutes
*No lettuce
*No pork products
*Vegetarian options
*Gluten Free options

Thank you very much, lets all be safe!!
Zihr & the gang
Zihr and the gang

I do not do gluten, beef/pork, and i've been avoiding diary but things like butter etc I can have. That being said if you want me to bring anything along to help make that happen please feel free to let me know :) I am happy to bring a cooler with some options that will go with the rest of the plan.

Thank you for taking this on