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Discussion in 'Alliance Rules 2.0 Prerelease' started by Polare, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Good morning Alliance players!

    I'm pleased to announced that we are ready to release the final 2.0 Prerelease rules. Attached to this post you will find the 2.0 Final packet. As with the Playtest packets, this is designed to be used in conjunction to the existing rulebook; a new 2.0 full rulebook is the next step in the 2.0 release process. Numerous tweaks and changes came about due to playtester feedback on the 0.11 packet; all of that feedback is greatly appreciated! A list of changes from the prior playtest packet can be found in an appendix.

    These rules should be considered to accurately reflect the upcoming 2.0 rulebook. While the final release date is not yet set, our current expectation is that that should happen somewhere around the middle of this year.

    As of today (2/1/19), we are no longer in a playtesting period for the 2.0 rules. During this prerelease phase, chapters may transition fully to running 2.0 games with a few caveats:

    - They take all possible steps to ease character transfers between their chapter and other 1.3 chapters.
    - Chapters may individually choose whether or not to track Player Deaths during this period if they continue running 2.0.
    - Chapters may individually choose whether or not to allow characters homed in their chapters to be Spirit Forged between each 2.0 event.

    We encourage players to talk to their Chapter Owners and other Chapter Staff about these items. The packet also contains information about how players can make the transition to being fully 2.0.

    The CMA is currently being updated to comply with this prerelease packet, and should have an update announcement in the next few days.

    You'll find this link within the document:
    This will take you to a Google Doc that is designed to help calculate how your Ritual Items and Ritual Scrolls will convert over to the 2.0 system when it's time to do so. You'll need to make your own private copy to play around with.

    This same document contains authoritative Ritual Text for the 2.0 system; you can use the "Template" tab to read through individual Rituals. Please note that there are still one or two final ritual texts that are being tweaked, so don't be surprised if the source document has additional Ritual Text clarifications added as we approach the rollout.

    Bryan Gregory
    ARC Chair

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  2. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    The award for "first error found" goes to @Inaryn ! The Scroll cost for Slow is incorrect; it should be 5 pp (not 10 as listed in the packet appendix). Note that this affects *only* the Scroll version, not the Trap Globe cost (which is correct).

    I'll give it a few days for any other errors to be flushed out, then update the packet.
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  3. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Two 2.0-only Rituals were removed in this version: Escape Act and Imbue Magic.

    A character who got Items with these Rituals during a Playtest can trade them out. Escape Act has a value of 250 Ritual Points per charge. Imbue Magic has a value of 225 for 1 charge/day, 350 for 2 charges/day, or 475 for 3 charges/day.

    The scrolls themselves will trade in for 250 Scroll Points (Escape Act) or 350 Scroll Points (Imbue Magic).
  4. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Hi folks,

    After collecting feedback (thanks in particular to @Stana !), I've updated the Item and Scroll helper for a number of rituals:

    - Reverse Lifeforce has been clarified and brought up to date for 2.0 final.
    - Counterspell has been clarified to work against any incoming matching effect with the Arcane, Elemental, or Spell qualifier. Can't Counterspell a Weapon or Poison attack :)
    - Spell Swap: We looked this over and recognized that the scroll text didn't match the intention (or what had generally been Playtested). The ritual was clarified to not require a "previously expended" spell to be swapped to, and the timing was updated to 60 seconds of focus (instead of 10).
    - Spirit Recall is clearly marked as Times Ever in duration (instead of a wonky combination of duration and times ever).
    - Focused Resistance delivers Elemental qualifier, not Spell (the Ritual text already stated this, but the packet did not).
    - We had two types of terminology for the same thing - "Until Used" rituals and "Times Ever" rituals. The duration on all of these has been updated to "Times Ever" for consistency.
    - Several Rituals were inconsistent in their Reagent use breakdown for different levels. Elemental Manipulation, Merchant Insight, Spell Store, and Quickent Meditation have all been updated for consistency.
    - The description of Elemental Manipulation will be clarified in the packet (it's thrown as simply "Elemental <X>", which is different from what the packet implied).
    - Controlled Spirit Store has been added to the sheet to allow people to figure out its Scroll Points and Ritual Points in case they want to trade it for other scrolls/rituals instead of swapping it for Regeneration.

    I still need to go through the Spellcrafting incants and make sure all those line up, but otherwise things should be in order. Individuals who have spun off copies of the Item and Scroll helper for their own use are encouraged to make a new copy to get these updates. I'll put out a new copy of the packet early next week to collect all of the clarifications and typos that have been called out. Thanks!

    -Bryan Gregory
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  5. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Good morning!

    I updated the packet to version "b". This contains only small corrections and edits which have already been released in this forum.

    - "Mental Powers" was changed to "Mental Abilities" to remain consistent
    - Higher Manifestation was properly marked as 4 HM points in its text description
    - Counterspell explicitly noted Arcane, Elemental, and Spell qualifier triggers
    - Text updated for Elemental Manipulation to better explain the effect
    - Focused Resistance was updated to Elemental Qualifier
    - Racial Abilities chart was updated for Oathsworn
    - Foundation/Magisterium Blow reference in the chart was updated to Foundation/Magisterium Strike
    - Slow was set to the right cost to the Scroll Production chart
    - Added Mental Abilities chart

    Bryan Gregory
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  6. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Please note that one important update got missed (by me):

    Update United Blow to specify that when used with a ranged weapon, the Body carrier is not available from this skill (just the bonus damage).

    I apologize for the confusion.

    -Bryan Gregory
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  7. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff


    A number of minor fixes have been made to the Ritual descriptions in the Google helper doc:

    *The following rituals have a cast time of 10 minutes instead of 5: Bountiful Harvest/Blighted Crop, Curse of Undeath, Destroy Magic, Eternal Forest/Blighted Forest, Gift of Life, Racial Transformation, Regeneration, Spirit Forge, Transfer Enchantment, as well as all Summoning rituals.

    Several typos were fixed.

    March of the Untiring is Body targeting only.

    Mark can be Spirit targeting.

    Proscribe is Location targeting only.

    Resist Destroy Magic can be Location targeting.

    Imbuements affect only the weapon they are cast on (as per the packet description).

    Thank you,
    Bryan Gregory
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