Alliance Bylaws 12/21

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Good morning Alliance! (Morning for me!)

At the national level we have been working on a number of projects which will primarily be member facing over the last year. One of those project I have been the most excited about is the update and release of the Bylaws to the general membership. As a previous long time staff member I personally was always interested in the operational side of the organization, and it was always such a strange concept to me when something would be answered with "because Bylaws", yet there were no bylaws to commonly reference. You can imagine my excitement and engagement when I came on as GM and one of the primary goals I was given was to work on cleaning up and releasing the bylaws! For those who are unaware, the Bylaws represent the operating agreements between all Chapter Owners, the Owners of Alliance, and the named national staff should any of them differ (Currently President(s), GM, CTO). These Bylaws, a number of specific Policies (Treasure, Logistics, etc.), and the contracts between the Members and the Organization represent our operating mandates which must be followed in the operation of an Alliance chapter within the network.

To that end the following is the current state of the Bylaws as of 12/19/21. As you will see within the document, the bylaws are subject to change as items are identified which can make Alliance better. We will keep a running change log below in this post to represent updates by section.

12/19/21 - Posted public Bylaws


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