Alliance Denver 2022 - Winter Food for those in Need Fundraiser

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When we purchased Alliance Denver LARP in 2020, we always knew this would be a group that helped those of like minded hearts to find their community, we also wanted to make sure that we helped the communities beyond with what we could.

34 million people in the U.S. are facing hunger. Many are working families, children and seniors. Every $1 that is raised through Team Feed will provide at least 10 meals to those in need.

And you can help!

Every dollar you donate to help with this, you will also help fight the famine in Nydabeth, the IG shard that all of us live in one weekend a month. After the Tortak raid, it left the land in ruin, and destroyed the food storage.

((This campaign has ended! Thank you so much for everything you all did!!))
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