Alliance Denver Character Creation Day


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From SorinKatt / Zach - message him for address due to this being a public forum:
Have questions about character creation, Rules, Weapon construction? This is the place for you! We held a new character event before the last Season opener and had great turn out.

The purpose of New Character Day is to gather with veteran players and staff to meet and greet and also talk about characters and the game before you start. Stuff to expect!

Food: I'll by providing Burgers and Dogs other contributions would be appreciated.

Character Info: Someone from Logistics or staff will be there to talk about character creation, and to assist you specifically in creating your character.

Weapon Construction: At least one weapons marshal (Ma Self) will be present to talk about weapons, weapon construction and to demonstrate basic weapons construction!

Meet and Greet: Come meet members of the community, talk to representatives of the Various `Teams` (Baronies, Adventuring parties and probably even the guilds)

The event is open to all, not just new Characters so please come! PLEASE RSVP if you can so that plans for food can be made.


Cool, Drinks and snack foods are always welcome and needed=)

Lee Nelson

Sounds good; I'll bring some drinks and chips, pretzels, stuff like that.

Well, I guess should double check and ask, are there any allergies that I should be aware of so I don't bring a No-no food.


I wouldn't worry about it. There will be a large selection of foods=)