Alliance HQ is at Dreamation 2017


Dreamation Alliance: Rally the Troops

Hey All!

In just a few short weeks, Alliance will be at Dreamation! February 16-18

Yay! Um… What the heck is Dreamation?

Dreamation is a gaming convention in Morristown, NJ and is run by the same folks as Dexcon. It’s four days of every kind of game - board games, card games, video games, tabletop RPGs, minature wargaming, and of course, LARP. That’s where we come in!

Here’s our teaser:

The kingdom of Icenia has been overtaken by primordial forest, and lost much of its population and resources. As winter sets in there is no time to rest, and Queen Sonia Bouchard has resorted to conscripting forces from what is left of the populace to fortify the few remaining settlements before the deep freeze is upon them. But something else has survived the onslaught, and it too, is hungry.

Ok, so what are the details?

We will be running a game Saturday at 2:00pm at the con, and need YOU to help! We’re going to need a crew to set up, meet and greet with new players, break down and of course, give the new folks a story to play! Our load-in time is 12:00pm, with game set to start at 2:00pm. We MUST start on time, as there is another game running in that space after us, so this isn’t our usual “oh well, so we start the event an hour late.” BE ON TIME.

Got a friend you’ve been trying to get into the hobby, but they’re hesitant to spend the whole weekend? They can come just for one day, or explore all the convention has to offer. There are literally games running from 10:00 in the morning until the wee hours, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl there’s stuff to do.

Of course, gobbies will be generously awarded to Alliance players who come to help out, but you can also just play. That being said, since we are running a game for new players, we are level capping this VERY low… just 75 build.

I’m in! So what do I do?
  1. Register for Dreamation 2017 Use our discount code: ALLDR17P10 to receive $10 off. Discount is good ONLY for pre-registration. You will have to pay full price at the door.
    1. Full weekend is $55 pre-reg ($45 with our discount) or $65 at the door.

    2. One day passes range from $20-$50 at the door depending on which day
  2. Pre-reg using the normal HQ pre-logistics form so WE know you’re coming (we don’t see the convention registrations).

  3. Convention registration does not include a room at the hotel. If you’re coming from a distance and will need a room, the Hyatt is likely already booked. But there are other hotels in the Morristown area.

  4. Pack your gear! Even if you are NPCing, we will not have the entirety of the props closet at our disposal. We will bring some things, but we can’t possibly pack it all. Please bring your garb, weapons, and packets.
Ugh... lol.. I'm leaving for Florida that morning or I would of totally been there... damn you cosmic forces of time and space!
Hey everyone!

If you're coming to Dreamation, PLEASE bring packets! The critters up at camp must have been desperately hungry, as they actually chewed through the heavy industrial bins and we have nothing. Even if you need to bring them back home after, we'll give you gobbies for the loan!
I have to shout out a huge thank you to our Dreamation crew. Kyle, Henry, Danielle, Buddy, William, Frank, Britney, Todd, Katie, Joe, and Mike 'Loofah', you guys busted your butts, ran a fun, solid encounter and kept me sane. Thanks also to our players Sean and Ericka for supporting us on the front side.

I don't think they can see this, but a shout of thanks also to Michael Pucci and Katie Griffin from Dystopia Rising, who jumped in and helped out with some great lighting and set dressing, as well as joining us as players. Getting to work with the greater larp community is a thing I want to continue doing as we all grow the hobby together.

I already have ideas for the next one, and look forward to continuing to bring our own brand of fantasy to the convention table. I'd definitely encourage more Alliance players to attend and share in all of the awesome that happens at these cons.

And now, for con crash. Love to you all!