!!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!


!!Attention Alliance Players!!

Wednesday 8pm, May 3rd

The Alliance HQ Staff will be running a live broadcast AMA via Twitch.tv! Meet your General Manager, Head of Plot, and other members of staff. Find out who's who! So far we have Michelle, myself (Buddy) and Cole confirmed for staff.

Details will be spilled about each of the New Orders, maybe we can help you find your place. Also the topic of character histories and why they’re important. All followed by a Q&A.

Please ask questions here for us to address in our AMA on top of other items.


Buddy (formerly Nuheran)

For those of you who were not able to make the Live AMA Stream last week, it has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. We had some very in-depth conversation surrounding the game, our future goals, and the hot topic of the Noble orders.

Click below to see more:

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I asked Michelle this the other night. But I'm going to expand it a little bit.

Buildings such as lumber mills, mines, wind mills, ECT will be needed in the future. What kind of IG and Gobbie (gobbies to goats) costs can we expect?

Here are some questions I've had... feel free to FOIG at will

Will an updated map of the kingdom and location of outlying major settlements (Fairdale, Stirling Keep, Cil Cilurion etc) be available soon?

Where are the various Orders Centrally Located. Where IS the Archive that I am so graciously Shielding :)

Will the nations capital be moving?... to Ashbury City?

How will knights/squires who have been away from game be treated when they return?

Will a new players guide be coming out soon?

Is the old system of Orders founded by Knights now defunct?

Hey, my character isn't interested in being a knight, but thinks the job of one of the knightly orders is pretty cool. Is there a system to work with that order?

I have green tags for labs and buildings in destroyed parts of the kingdom. Are they worthless now?

Will new laws be coming out?

So what's the deal with those Bugs from last event? (expecting foig on this one :p )

I'll post more as I think of them!
Noted. Everyone else, please add more! Also, if you were also wondering about something already written here, feel free to say so. Knowing many people had the same question lets us know how important the answer is, and may teach us in the future what to be more clear on in the first place.

Joe Siegel
I can offer my services to write up the Q&A! Also, will you guys be looking at the chat while streaming? I might have some follow-up questions about the knightly orders and such but I'm thinking you will probably answer them.
I'm excited for tonight. Two subjects I'd like to discuss:

A visual representation of the chain of command for use in-game.

The stigma of NPCing. (Example: I recently had two PCs approach me asking about what it was like to NPC. They strangely believed that monster camp was a bit of a sweat shop, which it is not. I think NPCing is a huge benefit for any player, as it really helps a player master the game, plus you get to play all these really neat NPC roles)
Hey all!

Thanks to those who joined us last night. We answered most (I think all?) Of the questions here, and some follow ups from the live chat.

A huge thanks to Buddy for handling the tech end of the stream and moderating all the chat. The stream was recorded and will be available soon.
I missed the stream but look forward to seeing the recording once it is ready.
Coming soon. Barring any tech issues, I know it was set to render this morning. Stay tuned!