Alliance Idaho Teaser

Aden Corso

The moon shines softly above the ocean waters off the shores of Terras. In the bright glow, a single, strange ship appears, its sails torn and its hull battered and pierced in many places by shards of ice. The ship is long, sits low in the water, and has only a single sail, looking like it was made for short distance. Splintered oars can be seen sticking out from bays in its sides.

This does not look like an Aetherian ship. On the sail, a symbol of a green gorgon head with a necklace of gold is depicted. The ship is carried by the currents around the south end of Solus and towards the Golden Cliffs of Terras. The Knights of Sepira have captured the ship and investigated it, finding no people: the vessel is entirely unmanned. What remains of the captain’s logs mentions trade routes between “Ilicia” and “Veliri”, names that are unfamiliar to Aetheria.

It is unclear where this ship has come from, but one thing is certain, the Veil is weaker now than it has ever been. Who knows what else may come through?