Alliance LARP Oregon's Goblin Point FAQ


Welcome to the Alliance LARP Oregon Goblin Point FAQ! In this post you will learn what Goblin Points are, how to get them, and how they can be used.

Q: What are Goblin Points?
A: Goblin Points are a way for an Alliance chapter to reward and compensate players that help out the chapter financially, bureaucratically, thematically, and manually. They are chapter specific and do not transfer to other chapters. These Goblin Points can then be redeemed at the chapter they are earned at for specific special rewards, such as more experience for your character or even magic items!

Q: How can I get Goblin Points?
A: Goblin Points can be acquired through a multitude of ways! Below are some examples:

  • Donations! Cash is accepted at a 5 Goblin Points per Dollar ratio and we have a wish list of donations for some good donation ideas.
    • Please be sure to read how our new format for donations will be working now.
  • NPC! All NPCs receive 100 goblin stamps, one XP blanket and one Teacher card per Logistics period. Or you can join NPC guild and receive even more benefits!
  • Write plot and modules! If you write some plot, modules, stories, etc. you can submit them to to be reviewed and they will notify logistics how many Goblin Points to assign.
  • Join staff! If there is an open staff position that you think you can fill you could be compensated for your time and effort. Please query our Owner, Cymryc M., at owner@allianceoregon for staff opportunities.
    • Become a Rules Marshal! While technically staff, a Rules Marshal is worth mentioning because we always need more (especially NPC ones). Rules Marshals are rewarded with Goblin Points on top of whatever role they may be have. Please query our Head of Rules, Bryan Gregory, if you wish to become a Rules Marshal.
  • And more! Throughout the year and at events opportunities for extra goblin points through specials may come up.

Q: When am I awarded my Goblin Stamps?
A: Please read this post, When GS are awarded, to find out how they are awarded for Alliance LARP Oregon.

Q: How are Goblin Points tracked?
A: Goblin Points are tracked in the chapter specific Logistics Database. To query how many Goblin Points you have or to use your Goblin Points send an e-mail to

Q: Do Goblin Points expire?
A: No. You retain Goblin Points until you use them.

Q: What can Goblin Points be used for?
A: Goblin Points can be used in several ways! Below is a list of what you can spend Goblin Points on:

  • Back Blanketing: 30 Goblin Points per Experience Blanket. Example: Back blanketing a normal Weekend Event requires 60 Goblin Points because it is two In-Game days.
  • Monthly Blanket List: 30 Goblin Points per Monthly Blanket. Each month you can acquire a Monthly Experience Blanket for a single character whose Home Chapter is Oregon.
  • Production Items: At an event you can spend 50 Goblin Points times the number of logistics periods of the event to receive an equal number of Production Points to acquire Production Items. For example, a 3-day weekend event would allow a player to spend up to 150 Goblin Points in this fashion to receive up to 150 Production Points worth of items. Production skills are not required and workshops/production skill benefits do not affect this.
  • Teacher Cards! A player may purchase a Teacher Card to apply a skill to one of their characters at the rate of 60 Goblin Points per Teacher Card.
  • Money! Per the rulebook, a player may convert Goblin Points into coin at the ratio of 1 Goblin Stamp to 1 Copper Piece.
  • Ritual Scrolls and components! The list of available ritual scrolls can be found here. Note that players must find someone In-Game to cast the ritual(s). The referenced post and its rules do not provide finished products. Players that cannot play a character in Alliance Oregon due to staff obligations (i.e. NPC Guild and Plot) may purchase the finished product in lieu of seeking a caster In-Game.
  • Full Earth or Celestial Spell book = 600 Goblin Stamps
  • Full Alchemy Recipe book without either Love #9 Elixir and Amnesia Elixir = 300 Goblin Stamps

Q: If I use my Goblin Points to get an item or Ritual Scrolls when can I expect to receive it?
A: At the next Alliance Oregon Event you attend. If you need it sooner you can request an alternative (such as receive the item at another chapter's event that the Alliance Oregon Staff will be attending) or request the tag/scroll/etc. be mailed.

Q: Can I include Goblin Stamp expenditures in my event Pre-Registration?
A: Please do! Then we can have everything ready for you when you check in.

Q: I have a question that isn't addressed in this post. How can I get it answered?
A: You can either create a post in the Out of Game section of these forums or send an e-mail to

Special thanks to Seth B. for allowing us to use the post he wrote on this for Alliance LARP Seattle.
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