Alliance LARP Utah 2020 Season!


We would like to formally announce that Alliance LARP Idaho is going to be joining us, under the Utah Banner for the 2020 season, and will be under their own banner in 2021!

The following dates and campsites have been reserved for the 2020 season.

Note: Bold font means the site is set in stone and ready to go!

January 4th, (Utah Single Day Event) @7486 Union Park Ave, Midvale, Utah 84047 (Reserved!)

February 8th, (Utah Single Day Event) Tanner Park, 2760 Heritage Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 (Reserved!)

March 7th, (Utah Single Day Event) Crestwood Park, 7485 Siesta Dr Cottonwood Heights UT, US 84093 (Reserved!)

April 17th-19th, CANCELLED!

April 25th, CANCELLED!

May 22nd-25th, CANCELLED!

May 29th-31st, CANCELLED!

June 5th-8th, CANCELLED!

June 13th, CANCELLED!

July 11th, CANCELLED!

July 17th-19th, CANCELLED!

August 1st, CANCELLED!

August 21st-23rd, CANCELLED!

August 14th-16th, CANCELLED!

September 11th 14th, CANCELLED!

October 3rd, CANCELLED!

November 7th, CANCELLED!

December 5th, CANCELLED!
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Thanks for working hard to schedule these ahead of time, Paul. Those of us with hectic family and work schedules appreciate it!
Important Notice about ALU and ALI April 2020 Events:

Hey folks! Between the announcements made to limit social interactions and the closing of many parks and sites, we regret to inform you that the Alliance LARP Utah and Alliance LARP Idaho April games will be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We tried very hard to go as last-minute as possible, but as of today, our site called to inform me of the bad news.

We have some thoughts about how to continue to get people involved. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, if you have already prepaid for the event you have two options:

1) Pre-payment can be applied to our May Event OR
2) A refund can be requested. Just email and we will get that taken care of for you.

Let me know what you would like to do! In the meantime, stay healthy, stay clean, stay quarantined! I miss and love you all!

Paul Iverson
Owner of Alliance LARP Utah