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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Von Raven, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Von Raven

    Von Raven Artisan

    Hello, Fellow LARPERS!

    We here at Alliance Lehigh Valley LARP are quite proud and very excited to announce the launch of what we have been calling "The Alliance Lehigh Valley LARP Teaser Site Project."

    We've been working on the Teaser Project since late November 2008 -- along side the IG world-building projects -- and while we missed a few launch date targets, we finally got it just the way we wanted it!

    We'd like to thank those who made this project possible:

    Colleen Capuano, our owner, for rightfully sheparding this endeavour to its conclusion.

    Chris "Spare" Higgins, who composed the music and the initial flash design, who gave hours and hours of his free time, designing 7 different musical takes for us to choose from.

    Scott Edwards, The General Manager of Alliance Ohio, who spent hours and hours of his free time on behalf of our chapter, designing the artwork you'll see in a moment, putting it all together, the flash with the music, for the official release...clearly, he defines the spririt of an ally and the Alliance!

    Renee Iovino, for font and coloring design, "RED! It's gotta be RED!"

    Matt Watkins, the MASTER webmaster who provided the technical oversight for this project

    Patrick Von Raven, for the initial concept, script and layout design.

    What you'll see in a moment is a hint of our very first event and the mystery you'll encounter during course of the campaign itself! Also, be sure to return this site periodically, as we will begin to release more and more teasers...mere hints of what's in store for you as you take part in the epic adventure of the Alliance Lehigh Valley LARP Campaign.

    And now, without further ado, Alliance Lehigh Valley proudly presents, the Teaser Webite:
  2. Telokh_Amdo

    Telokh_Amdo Baron

    Love it! Love it! Love it! (ad infinitum)
  3. Von Raven

    Von Raven Artisan

    Glad you like it, Michael! Wait to you see what we have planned when the door opens! :twisted:
  4. Robb Graves

    Robb Graves Baron

    i cast... magic missle!!! :eek:
  5. RiddickDale

    RiddickDale Squire Moderator Connecticut Staff

    I feel strangely motivated to push with all my might against said door.

    ... and then cast a magic missile at the darkness!!!!
  6. "im attacking the darkness!"
    but i did love the teaser trailer, all kidding aside
    though, one creative suggestion?
    at the end you should have had the door start to creak open. but then end right there.
  7. Von Raven

    Von Raven Artisan

    Thank you!

    You're right! That would've been better! But it will open soon! :D
  8. kathyrosen

    kathyrosen Newbie

    YAY!! That was awesome. Nice job guys.
  9. youthculture

    youthculture Fighter Connecticut Staff

    Evie blows up the door.

    The end.
  10. Von Raven

    Von Raven Artisan

    Thanks, Kathy! Ready for next season? :D
  11. Von Raven

    Von Raven Artisan

    Okay, you blow up the door and a tons of spagetti-O's pour into the room in a tidal wave of squirm amongst the noodles and the sauce, trying to keep your head above the surface, while Keebler Elves stand upon high shelves and pelt you with chocolate chip cookies. :lol:
  12. Gilwing

    Gilwing Knight Alliance Logistics

    And that, ladies and gentelment is the blurb for the first event ;)
  13. kathyrosen

    kathyrosen Newbie

  14. James Trotta

    James Trotta Templar

    Anyone else ever try to eat spagetti-O's at room temperature right out of the can? I tried. Don't recommend it.
  15. Tetsu

    Tetsu Scout

    Awesome job everyone!!
  16. markusdark

    markusdark Knight

    Does Ravioli count? When I was doing work back in NY during the summer, I had to eat a can between jobs. I found that putting it on the dashboard during the day gave it a little bit of warmth to help with it.
  17. James Trotta

    James Trotta Templar

    Man that sounds even nastier. Meat or cheese?
  18. Ondreij

    Ondreij Scout

    AWESOME INTRO!!! But #*$ %:mad:! IT! I have to wait until 2010 until I can play in Lehigh Valley? It certainly appears that it is going to be worth the wait - especially if you are taking as much care of creating the IG world and playing environment as you have in creating this website introduction.

    Do you anticipate there being a build cap at Lehigh Valley? Any news as to what kind of calendar you are planning (any winter events - I would like to bring my Bear Kin secondary out of hibernation)? Have you found a place to play, yet?

    I know -- we have to wait to find out, eh?!

    Please! Don't tease us. Let us have at least a few hints and details.

    -Seth Miller, Farmingdale, CT
  19. RiddickDale

    RiddickDale Squire Moderator Connecticut Staff

    If you write the spaghetti-Os mod.

    I will pc the first event.
  20. I don't believe there is going to be a build cap. Anyways that's what Matt said on the Lehigh Valley chapter forum.

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