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    Please post below if you have any questions and I'll try and add them to the FAQ:

    Site and General Information
    Q: Where is nationals being held?
    A: Sky High Ranch, 30924 Colorado 67, Woodland Park, CO 80863, USA.

    Q: When is nationals being held?
    A: May 10th, 2018 - May 13th, 2018 (Thursday through Sunday)

    Q: What is the best airport to fly into?

    A: Denver International Airport is probably the cheapest and about 2 hours, 30 minutes to site through moderate traffic. Colorado Springs is much closer, but usually more expensive.

    Q: Are there cabins on site?

    A: Yes! There are cabins and tent camping.

    Q: How will cabins be assigned? Can I choose what cabin I get?
    A: On the pre-reg form, there is a field where you can list the group you want to share a cabin with. The group name can be anything "Crossroads Healer's Guild" for example, and as long as everyone in that group lists that group name, Logistics will look at those numbers and match people up with cabins. Once pre-reg is closed, Logistics will do the cabin assignments and if anyone has any questions or needs to change anything around, they can do it at that time.

    Q: Are there showers on site?

    A: Yes..but depending on how cold it is, they may or may not be available for us to use. Usually they are open in May, but not always.

    Q: What is the cost of Nationals and how do I pay?

    A: Please see this post.

    Q: I see that you are including the meal plan within the cost of nationals. Why are you doing this?
    A: Tracking who is and isn't on the meal plan for a large event like nationals can be a bit difficult. We felt like it was just easier overall to just cook for the entire event rather than trying to track it person by person. Also the kitchen is not the largest and it's easier for us to limit the amount of foot traffic within the kitchen. It worked well at Big West last year and we'd like to try it again this year.

    Q: What is included in the meal plan for Nationals?
    A: Breakfast Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Dinner Friday and Saturday. Lunches are on your own. We will try and accommodate most food restrictions/allergies. If we can't accommodate it, we will contact you directly (based on the pre-reg form) and work with you.

    Q: Will there be fridge space for food that isn't part of the meal plan?
    A: Yes, there are two industrial refrigerators you can use in the main tavern area.

    Q: Will I be able to use the kitchen for personal use?
    A: Most likely not but if you have a need (such as a personal food restriction that we can't accommodate) please e-mail

    Q: What are the rewards for NPCing?
    A: Full time NPC rewards are 50 DS, 150 Denver GS (we may add other chapters later), 1 free teacher card. The event is free but we do still need full time NPCs to cover a food cost of $20.

    Logistics and Magic Items

    Q: How do I pre-reg for Nationals?
    A: Please see this post.

    Q: What magic items are allowed for Nationals?
    A: Players may bring any combination of LCO items with up to 20 ritual effects. For the purpose of counting rituals effects the following will not be counted: Permanence, Spirit Link, Spirit Lock, and Preserve Duration
    Players may bring unlimited restricted magic items.

    Q: Are workshops allowed at Nationals?

    A: Unfortunately since Nationals is happening in a different location, workshops are not allowed at nationals unless you buy one specifically for that location (and understand that most likely it will be lost after the event).

    Q: What is the cut off for pre-reg for Nationals?
    A: The cut off for pre-reg for nationals is Monday, April 23rd at midnight. Anyone paying after that date will need to pay an additional $20.

    Q: Can I use my chapter's goblin stamps for nationals?
    A: Goblin stamps from any chapter may be used for production items, and must be spent during pre-registration. Goblin stamps from any chapter other than the Host Chapter may not be spent after pre-registration closes. Goblin Stamps from any chapter may be used to blanket the National Event.

    Q: How will copy scroll work at the National Event?
    A: "The resulting scroll will be of the Chapter which issued the Copy Formal Scroll. The created scroll will not be available at the National event and will not be taken out of Treasure Policy for the Chapter who must issue the scroll. The National Event logistics team will inform any Chapters that need to issue such scrolls after the event."

    Ritual Casting Restrictions
    Q: What rituals can I cast at Nationals?
    A: All Ritual Scrolls and Catalysts from any Alliance chapter will be allowed to be cast at the national event with the following exceptions:
    - No LCO scrolls may travel to or be cast at the National Event.
    - Ritual scrolls from multiple chapters may be cast within a “batch”.
    - For catalyst-required casting, the correct catalyst must accompany the scroll (Both scroll and catalyst must come from a single chapter).
    - Permanent Duration scrolls from any chapter do not travel to and cannot be cast at a National Event.
    - Preserve Duration functions as usual.
    - Boost Duration cannot be cast at a National Event.

    Q: How do I get a tag for my magic item?
    A: Magic Item tags will be printed onsite at nationals by myself and Chris Fernandez. Temp tags will be used initially (all ritual marshals will have access to them) and then they will need to be given to myself or Chris (we will have a place to drop them off) so we can print out tags.

    Rules and Marshals
    Q: Who is our head rules/ritual marshals for nationals?
    A: Taylor Kaimen (aka Knox) will be head rules marshal for nationals? He will be posting a list of marshals as we get closer to the event.

    Q: Are you allowing for Denver's alternate Dark Elf Makeup options?
    A: Yes. If Dark elves wish to play with either a blue or purple hue, that will be allowed for the national 2018 event. Please see this post here -

    Volunteers and Donations
    Q: I want to help out? How do I do that? (updated 1/25/18)
    A: If you are interested in helping out for nationals, please fill out this form -

    Q: Can I donate to nationals? Are there any dragon stamp rewards for donating?
    A: Yes! Here is the post explaining how donations will work -

    Plot Information
    Q: When will a plot summary be posted for Nationals?
    A: Here you go -

    Q: Who is head of plot for Nationals and how can I contact them?
    A: Head of plot will be co-managed by Ian Moriarty and Jesse Grabowski. We will have an e-mail address for the plot team for nationals soon.
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  2. Gilwing

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    So I can't cast permanent duration?
  3. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Marshal

    Correct Gilwing. It is disallowed per the Alliance by-laws.
  4. Gilwing

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    Sorry. This is the first time a National Event is allowing any chapters scrolls (not just the mist touched ones). Didn't know the bylaws allow for rit scrolls to move from chapter to chapter except for perm scrolls.
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  6. Gilwing

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    Been playing since 1996. I know the rules dude. Sarcasm is missed in type.
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  8. Gilwing

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    It's all good.
    Thanks for telling me the link was dead. Changed it.
  9. Samyania

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    These dates are for Thursday through Monday.
  10. Cedric

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    Thanks Rachel! Corrected. :)
  11. Tulbor

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    just waiting on the donation list
  12. Cedric

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    Hopefully next week!

  13. Cedric

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    Added to FAQ - We are allowing the optional dark elf makeup requirement for Nationals. See the link above in the FAQ.

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  14. Gebous

    Gebous Newbie Alliance Rules

    Just a question about the event time frame. For those of us preparing to fly in, when will game be over on Sunday? Previous Nationals have ended late Saturday night to accommodate players leaving Sunday morning.
  15. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Marshal

    Game down will be on Sunday morning (around 11 am or so) but I expect most of the major plot to be wrapped up on Saturday night for those that need to leave Sunday morning.
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  16. So normal time game down, will it be a normal time game on as well, just a day earlier? Meaning late Thursday around 9?
  17. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Marshal

    Yes, normal. Opening ceremonies will be at 9 pm on Thursday. We will game off between 11 and 12 on Sunday.
  18. Gebous

    Gebous Newbie Alliance Rules

    Will there be a list of pre-regged players?
    I’ve pre-logisted and pre-paid, just checking to see if my information was received.
  19. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Marshal

    Yep, got you Will. I will probably post a pre-reg list, it's all updated on my spreadsheet, I just need to post it over here.
  20. Parzivel

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    There is no place on the pre-reg form for skills of any kind. Does logistics need to know them, or are we good just tracking them ourselves?

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