Alliance Nationals 2018 in Colorado

Discussion in 'National Event' started by Cedric, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    Good morning citizens of Fortannis!

    After two long years we are proud to announce, Alliance Nationals 2018 will be held in Colorado.The dates will be next year, May 10-13th at Sky High Ranch in Woodland Park, Colorado. It will be a 3 day event starting on Thursday evening, going through until Sunday.

    We are just starting now to build out our staff for the event. I will be acting as General Manager for the event, and Jesse Grabowski will be Head of Plot.

    We are still setting up communication channels for the event, but for now if you have any questions, you can e-mail

    Stay tuned for a FAQ!


    Michael Paxton - General Manager of Alliance National 2018
  2. RMEloveslife

    RMEloveslife Newbie

    Whoo Hoo!! If you need any help, let me know!
  3. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    Thank you Rachelle! Here soon I'll be putting out a call for staffing. I'm sure I could use your help.

    Also, it has pointed out that this is Mother's day. I'm really sorry about that to all Mom's and families out there. Unfortunately our dates were limited on when we could get the campsite.
  4. RMEloveslife

    RMEloveslife Newbie

    Oh, that's alright. I understand.
  5. So, too early to commit to being there? ;) Figure I could work an extended visit into my schedule this time to actually get to spend some time with folks before and after game.
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  6. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    I know that lots of people wanted to schedule PTO and start looking at travel. The closest airport is Colorado Springs, but most of will fly in and out of Denver. The site itself is right outside of Woodland Park, CO.
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  7. Banks

    Banks Newbie

    I would like to announce that myself, Bria, and Mac will be handling logistics for the event.

    Thanks, Mike.
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  8. JordarAd

    JordarAd Newbie

    Is the event supposedly taking place in New Acarthia In Game? Or is it considered at another location...
  9. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    So far a plot team has not been created, so none of that has been decided yet. As soon as we know, I will pass on that information.
  10. markusdark

    markusdark Knight

    Could you inform us as to the prerequisite to be able to work on the plot team for a National event? And would such a plot team be willing to entertain the idea of including in the game singular plot line that a non-plot team member puts together/produces if said story requires very little, if any, work and resources from the main plot team.
  11. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    Currently, I have no news to announce regarding what the plans are for the plot committee. As soon as I do, I promise I'll post here. Most likely any announcements regarding plot will be after Denver's November game (Nov 10-13).


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  12. tdae

    tdae Newbie

    Is Denver still level capped?
    And if so, does that mean the Nationals will be as well?
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  13. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    I will have a faq up with this soon but at this point there are no plans to have a level cap for nationals.

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  14. Muir

    Muir Templar

    Been a couple months, and the event's 4 out, any word on that FAQ?
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  15. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll try and tackle this and upload it in the next few days. I'm out of the country working atm, but should have some time this weekend free. Thanks!
  16. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

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