Alliance Raleigh Fundraiser final days bonus!


Raleigh Staff
As we are heading into our last weeks of our Fundraiser, we wanted to add something fun to inspire folks to help us meet our goal, while not leaving previous donators our in the cold, so we have designed the below for your enjoyment!

Build a baddie bonus add on.

Contributors that donate at least $25 dollars between November and December will be able to work with our plot team to design a monster/bad guy. For contributions with multiples of $25 you can build a monster/bad guy squad with multiple cards. How it works is you'll be reached out to by our plot team for a general description/idea of the bad guy which we will then convert into an Alliance legal card that will be submitted for inclusion in the national database. You will also get a personal copy and a copy will be sent to your local chapter in case they want to use it.

Our plot staff with then place that monster/race/group into the world of Hearthglen as we finish our build out so folks will be able to encounter them in game. In additional the first time your monster idea appears (or is planned to appear) you will be given credit in the pre-reg posting for that event an example line for this might look like "This event features monsters submitted by Joe Larper, and Susie Shortswords"