Alliance San Francisco Transfer Policy

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Any asset that is governed by current Alliance LARP policy (characters, coin, production items, Restricted magic items, etc.) and which originates from a Fortannis campaign will be accepted for transfer from other Alliance LARP chapters. Likewise, any such asset that originates from an Alliance San Francisco Fortannis campaign will be allowed to transfer to Fortannis campaigns run by other Alliance LARP chapters.

Assets which originate from Fortannis campaigns but are not governed by current Alliance LARP policy (including, but not necessarily limited to, magic items which are LCO in nature and non-coin valuables such as asset tags) *must* be preregistered and will be handled as follows:

  • LCO magic items originating in other chapters will be allowed to transfer into Alliance San Francisco, subject to the following limitations:
    • The total number of LCO rituals transferred in may not exceed 10 per player, excluding Spirit Link, Spirit Lock, Preserve Duration, and Permanent Duration.
    • All items must be player-craftable using the current version of the Alliance LARP ritual system.
    • The entire item must be allowable; we will not scale down an item to fit these restrictions.
  • Exception: Staff reward items that are clearly identified as such may transfer freely into or out of Alliance San Francisco. Staff reward items which are not clearly identified must be confirmed as such by email from the originating chapter prior to their use in Alliance San Francisco; otherwise they will be subject to the 10 ritual limitation described above.
  • LCO assets originating from Alliance San Francisco's Twinspire campaign may not transfer out of that campaign.
  • All other assets which fall into this category (including any items with the Artifact designation) will be considered on a case-by-case basis only and may not transfer into or out of Alliance San Francisco without prior written agreement between Alliance San Francisco and the receiving/originating chapter.

Assets which originate from non-Fortannis campaigns will not be allowed to transfer into or out of any Alliance San Francisco campaign.


San Francisco Staff
This policy is no longer in effect. Traveling players are subject to the same LCO restrictions as are ASF players. We reserve the right to refuse non-standard LCO items.
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