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    The Alliance San Francisco Season Pass is back for 2017! As we did last year, we will be offering a Season Pass for our full season of events. We are excited to bring all our players both near and far the opportunity to blanket all our games for our 2017 Season.

    The Details:

    Our Season Pass price is typically $70 for the season, but if purchased by Friday, January 31st, our price will be $65 for the whole season

    These season Passes are specifically for Back Blanketing our events for Alliance SF.
    Purchasing a Season Pass is not Pre-purchasing event attendance. If you have purchased a Season Pass and you attend a SF event, Goblin stamps will be credited to your account rather than blanketing the event.

    Send your payment to with the following information:
    • Put "2017 San Francisco Season Pass" in the subject line
    • Player Name
    • Character Name you would like automatically blanketed (this may be changed by emailing our logistics team)
    • Your Home Chapter

    If you purchase this Season Pass, you will automatically be awarded build for all San Francisco’s events, game days, and mods in the 2017 calendar year. For reference, we hosted 9 weekend events in 2016.

    This is a great deal for our out-of-town players who want some extra build! We want to give everyone an excellent opportunity to purchase Game Blankets at a discounted rate.

    If you end up attending one of our events in 2016, we will award you 60 goblin stamps in San Francisco so you can buyback a future event of your own choosing.

    Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at

    -Isaac Harrus
    Alliance San Francisco General Manager
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    A reminder this is still open and ready for those who want it.

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