Alliance web design team recruitment post

James Trotta

Diversity Committee
The Alliance website is going to be redesigned and I need a few more people for our team. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with seeing the result of your hard work every time you visit and 3 DS/hour of work. All applicants should be able to devote time to the project consistently from now until March 2013, when the project will be complete. Here's what I need - anyone who would like to join the team should tell me how they can help out in a PM:

Content writers & editors

I have a plan for an inspirational kind of thing where we have pictures of players in costume with a little blurb about character concept. Someone could work on that.

We need to rewrite the introduction to new players.

I have this idea for 'LARP compared to...' for example, LARP compared to WoW LARP compared to D&D and stuff like that. The focus is to show new players how LARP might be fun if they like this other thing. Someone could write, edit, organize that stuff.

If you have cool ideas, and the ability to see them through, that'll help.

Assistant designer

Basically this is someone who will talk to me about ideas for site organization, make sure my vision of the site isn't crappy, etc. Kind of like quality control - making sure I don't do stupid stuff and just giving me ideas on how to do stuff better.

Developer / coder

Knowing css well and the basics of html, php will land you this job.