Alliance Wisconsin LARP Staff Contact Lists

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Wisconsin Staff
All logistical matters should go to: Sol G. (HOL) and Ben B.

All Plot Matters should go to: Nathan B.(HOP)and Thomas M.

All site inquires should be directed to our Site Manager: Ana Nicholson
(email to come)

New players and general questions can chat with our acting New Player Reps Nate B(HOP) and Carrie B.(GM):

Customer Service related info or questions can be sent to Carrie B. (GM):

Promotions, Swag, and Business opportunities should be sent to Carrie B.(GM) for consideration:

To Contact the owner for any situation that can’t be handled by the staff above please contact Sam Swanson at

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help the chapter with any staff position please email Carrie B. (GM) at for any opportunities. Thank you!

Quick Reference links:

Find us on Facebook - Alliance Wisconsin LARP

Find us on Discord - ALW - Alliance LARP Wisconsin
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