Alt Campaign Teaser!!!


Asheville Staff
A strange whispering wind fills the nights around the town of Sanctuary, flooding everyone’s minds with thousands of voices screaming for help. Grinding sounds of metal, and the march of jackboots in step quickly follow. The ominous sounds continued for days and the Town Guard was sent to investigate, locating a strange circle of odd magics in the woods. This circle is not of Celestial, Earth, or Necromantic magics, but floating in the midst of this circle is a crystal-like image. Though insubstantial and translucent, it floats in the air and seems to be the source of the sounds. Its broken facets show haunting images of death and flames growing from the town of Sanctuary... as well as many other places within the lands of Kosmara. As you approach, you feel this is a warning. Suddenly a choir of voices echoes through your minds “Oh great elders we call for your help. Please come to us in our time of need.” The images shift to that of a ritual being cast upon this very spot by a caster of each race and a figure clad in a leather coat with long white hair, leading the ritual. The land looks much changed and the people look tattered and torn. Around the circle is a hoard of monsters, mounds of metal fused to flesh. Flashes of Goblins with small weapons not familiar to you, and the sounds of thunder issue forth, the area around the circle filled with explosions. “They come for us, please, we are in need”. The pleas of the casters bring a yearning to enter the circle. The magic begins to fade and the circle blinks. Will you join those who have risked life and limb to call you to some far away land or time? Do you have the mettle of a true hero to answer a call you may not return from? Will you enter the Circle before it fades?