Alt Plot


Alt Plot will be taking and responding to BGA (Between Game Actions). Here's how this will work:

You MUST have submitted a backstory to to submit an BGA and expect a response.

BGAs for the Nov. 2 game MUST be submitted by 8am Monday October 28th to to get a response by 11pm Friday November 1st.

Maximum word count for your BGA submission is 500 words.

A BGA consists of actions your character is undertaking to learn more about the world environment or events, especially in regards for how they pertain to you personally. You may only submit one BGA for your character between events and you can't just go assassinate someone ;) If you have any questions about what you can or can't do, just ask :)

A BGA response will likely include hooks, clues and fun teaser info for the next event that may or may not be given to other PCs. It should help encourage communication between PCs. Do not expect your BGA response to be particularly deep, involving or intricate, but it should be interesting and helpful to your play of the game.
Here is info about the IG world place in which our alt plot campaign is located


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