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ALW Donations Wanted!

Greetings and Welcome!
The ALW Staff is super excited to bring to players the wonderful stories, adventure and all-around discovery of the world of Kaida Sanu. As most may expect, starting such a world from scratch has its fair share of logistical and financial costs and barriers in our current day and age. There are a lot of fantastic things being planned and more ideas every day, from simple decor to Big Bad Monsters. There is also a fair bit of every day operational things that a chapter needs that are often are built up over time that starting chapters like us simply haven't yet had the chance to build, but still need. It is our hope that we are able to provide any number of different opportunities to players to assist us in this endeavor, it isn't only limited to the financial or personal crafting ability. So, if you have skills, resource, or knowledge that from your experience LARPing, you feel may be of value and wish to contribute - don't hesitate to contact the staff and we will endeavor to work with you and determine if and how we can have you contribute in those ways. Donations can be made via Zelle or PayPal using

Group & "On Behalf of" Donations
Group donations are more than welcome, as well as donations "on behalf of". If you are making a group donation, please organize among your group what is being donated and email the General Manager email account to coordinate that donation and how the donation award is being divided. When making an "on behalf of" donation, simply add the note to that platform your using for donation, or reach out to the General Manager to work out those details.

Amazon Wish List
This is the initial Wish List of ALW, it has largely everything that the staff could think of that we might need to deliver a successful great game. These specific items are not the absolute requirement, other items which are comparable and good quality are equally accepted. Amazon is simply the website used as it is able to easily address logistical concerns for the list, shipping, and is a company most players either use or are comfortable trusting for online shopping. Have no fear, those who choose to purchase desired items, will have Goblin Stamps awarded using the scaled system below, adding up the total of those items should a player purchase multiple, or make purchases over time. No glass, sharp or easily broken items will be allowed or accepted. Please feel free to reach out to our staff if you have any questions. You can find our Amazon Wish List by clicking:

If you have a donation that is not on the list below but wonder if our chapter would love to have the item(s), please reach out to Carrie Baine - GM, at be sure that it will be accepted. No donations are accepted without prior approval.

Weapons, Shields, & Armor Donations
No monster camp could be complete without weapons, shields or armor. A portion of financial support will go toward supplies for the staff to make some of these items, there are also a fair bit of talented players who are skilled at making these items too. Please "reserve" any item(s) from this list you wish to donate, as we do not wish to have more than we need of an item but none of something else.

All goblin Stamps from this category are awarded once ALW receives the item and it passes safety/quality inspection. Goblin Stamps for these items will vary, as based on labor hours, materials, quality & appearance.

  • Weapons should be crafted with the most outer layer being Black, ideally in a weather resistant tape.
  • At this time, ALW is not seeking any donations of: Pole Arms, Spears, or Cross Bows.
  • Below is the list of individual weapons ALW is actively seeking;
    • Bow, Short: 3
    • Bow, Long: 3
    • Packets are always accepted if properly constructed
  • Armor can be of any design or look, passing a typical marshal's Armor Evaluation. ALW is most concerned with durability, appearance and size. Armor that is made to be adjustable in size is ALWs overwhelming preference.
  • ALW is going to want shields, however we are attempting a uniform concept allowing us to quick change shields for various NPCs. Which means shields will need to be of specific dimensions, that the staff is currently experimenting with. If you have a desire to donate or craft shields, please reach out to us.
Costume Donations
No monster camp could be complete without Costume materials either... A portion of financial support will go toward supplies for the staff to make or buy some of these items, there are also a fair bit of talented players who are skilled at making these items too. Goblin Stamps will be awarded with a combination of Hours of Labor+Cost of Material+how closely ALW's requests were followed+quality & look of finished product.

Alliance LARP Standard Heritages
All of these items should be "quick change" items to be able to transition easily from one heritage to another. Items that are easily and quickly put on and taken off.
  • Face Masks of different skin tone colors for standard heritages.
  • Biata items (clawed gloves, feathered hair clips...etc)
  • Orc & Ogre Tusks
  • Hobbling sideburns
  • Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, their removers
  • Brushes, Powder, blenders, cleaners, wipes, remover soaps/scrubs (cold cream), setting/barrier spray, hair spray, hair color, wigs
  • Half Masks are preferred to Full Masks
    • Monster Races
    • Kin Races
    • All other PC Races
Clothing Items
As clothing items are made or donated, ALW will update our needed sizes & colors based off of what we are receiving. Initially all sizes and colors are needed. If you are intending to sew a specific item, please reach out to the General Manager to discuss specifics.
  • Wrap Pants (Black or Tan)
  • Peasant shirts - any color
  • Circle Skirts/Broom Skirts - Any color
  • Hip Scarves - With and without jingly bits
  • cowls
  • cloaks
  • belts

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Wisconsin Staff

Thank you everyone for your help! So far we have managed to acquire through donations, almost everything we need for logistics. Additionally, with the funds raised we have purchased almost all the weapons on our wish list! We are so close to being ready to kick it off.

Anything helps! Purchased or made, everything will make a difference!

With effusive thanks,
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Wisconsin Staff
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