Amaranthus Landcharmer


After visiting Icenia and by all reports and accounts, Amaranthus Landcharmer, once Lord of Stoneroost, now knight of Ashbury, has permanently fallen in battle.

In his best and worst times, he never wavered in his beliefs; he was an ally, a shield-brother, and my friend. He fought with us, bled with us, and died with us: the Deadlands has lost another of its pillars of support with the poorest timing.

Hail the glorious dead.

- Ria Sevaria of Goshawk

Air Raksa

That farmer bastard was alway' in my business. He testified against me in court, when it could have meant my life was forfeit. He raised his voice against me, prosecuted my friends and came real close to having me tear out his intestine' a couple time'.

This made him a greater man.

I'm sincerely going to miss him. I grieve with his family, friend' and vassal'.

Hail the Glorious Dead.



Asheville Staff
If there were but one man I have known that could shape his own destiny simply by being to stubborn to accept anything less it would be he. If he has met a path that takes his spirit from this land it must be by his spirits choosing. I have known no other man to defy death as he did. I must believe his spirit is needed elsewhere, and I can find peace in that. He will be missed here and remembered for his sword and deeds and otherwise obstinate and unyielding strength to do what he saw was right. I may not have always agreed with his actions, but his heart was always true and I respected him for the ideal he sought in every man. I have seen far to many a strange thing to believe that his permanent death means we shall never see him again.

If word could be sent to me by someone who knows the details of his death, and if there are arrangements for a funeral and spirit farewell it would be appreciated.

~ Avian
Imperator Capitis ~ United Blades, Seekers of the Cleansing Light
Warden Captain of the Earth Circle, Centurion Legionnaire of the Vigil
Veteran Guildsman Healer to Finn Castle and Chiram's Hollow
Follower to the Order of Light


This news saddens me greatly. I find it hard to believe that this candle may actually be extinguished.

For those who were unaware, Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer was not of Ashbury, or the Deadlands, or Syraandor before it, or even of any barony in Caldaria. He was was Arkellian, a refugee who saw his homeland destroyed hundreds of years before most adventuring today were born. He then made each of the lands I have listed his own through his heroic deeds. However, before people remember him as a great Hero, which he definitely is deserving of being called I want you all to remember his roots. For I could sit and regale to you for hours his self sacrifice of the past decade, giving his life, his spirit, and at times sanity for the protection of those Kingdoms he resided and traveled though; but before this last decade, a short 10 year span, he spent over 600 years as a humble farmer, a life dedicated to the service of others by providing food to a hungry kingdom. When he fought died for the common people of a land, he truly meant it, for he had spent hundreds of years living as one, the peaceful nobility that comes from providing food so others may live. I had always hoped he would return again to a farm somewhere, to again cloak his heart which became troubled by the injustices of the world with the peaceful existence found in farming, to leave the horrors of war behind him.

I hope the letter, which he once left for me to open on this day, is accurate and that he has again found peace. I can only echo to him the words that parchment shares to me now: I am and always will be honored to have been his friend.

I hope he and Veria are together again and happy in whatever realm their spirits now reside.

To those who have more knowledge of his passing, please contact me, as I have his final wishes and will fulfill them for him. If it is not too late for this message to go out: Please, do not burn his body, it was his wish to have it returned to Caldaria.

Thank You,

Qiu Jun-Wu


They had a funeral for his passing in Fairdale. However, there has been no body recovered yet since he died in battle in Falkirk. I have informed the nobility of Fairdale of his wishes, but it seems unlikely they will recover much of a body at all. If anything, they may find his armor; I am waiting for word.

I do think some sort of service is in order for him in Deadlands, even if its only to lift a glass in his honor. I will have something arranged for the coming gather.

- Sevaria


Lord Amaranthus Landcharmer,

I have just heard of your passing. It saddens me to have someone with such drive pass from these lands to the trees. You and I did not always see eye to eye, as we are both mad from similar stubborn stuff; however you oft were the only one either crazy enough or stern enough to go with my plans. You and I challenged each other often, sometimes without kind words. Over the years our fury had been tempered with the fire and trials of more years and we, together with spell and blade, challenged the enemies of those we love. You served many masters, many kings and many goals; and you served them well.

I would hope beyond hope that you are somewhere you can hear my voice as I bend my knee and I do sing your praises, raising my voice calling out at your passing. I have lost so very many in Syraandor and beyond and now another. Know that you are guarded well and know we with breath shall not fail. We strive to reach higher and farther.

Be proud of us as we are of you.

Goodbye my friend, find ease in your mind, there is nowhere left to go, you are at the clearing.

Ambassidor Squire Tabin Silverbough
The Leaves of House Imirie G.o.t.e.c.