An Accolade to Our Accomplishments


Chicago Staff
I am so proud of all the hard work and effort we as a community have placed into this town and this land we are settling into. We have survived quite a few harrowing situations and have made earnest progress in the establishment of our homes. Thank you for offering up your knowledge, skill, power and prestige. I am currently awaiting to hear from Apprentice Arcanist Edgar the full results of our building of the Anti-Wild Magic Lightning Rod. It has been placed atop the town hall as the largest and most centralized point of the town to ensure it's reach is felt to its fullest extent.

I am aware of those who sacrificed items or resources that were attempting to hold onto for their personal growth for the betterment of the town. While the town might not have the resources currently to offer up some kind of compensation, I would ask that you send me a letter of what you used and what you would like to look for as a replacement for it. I give my word, I will do all that is within my capabilities to find a suitable restitution to you: be that coin, my skills to aid you in a task, or my time to assist in a situation you feel is important.

Finally, we have time between now and our next market gathering. The foreman has been tasked with upgrading our tavern, building a new Hunting Lodge to provide food and protection, building an Infirmary to aid in the recovery of our town and finally placing dedicated workers on the plots of land prepared for farming. Please ensure you take a few moments time to let the town know what you will be doing during these few weeks. If you are lacking in a task or a goal, please reach out to me either in this message or privately and I will make sure you are pointed into a direction that will benefit both you and the betterment of the town. Rest up, recover, and I look forward to standing by your sides again at the next market very soon.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree