An End to Procrastination

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    <<oog: A little flavour for the fun of it. If TL;DR, head to the second part>>
    Kenji slowly rose late from his bed, having taken advantage of a day off, and climbed down to note the late morning light for the time. Thankful that Haruki, one of his elder sisters, had not beat him awake, he turned to the lower bunks of his brothers. Daitaro's was predictably empty; but Saburo's was surprisingly occupied.

    Having not seen his little brother in weeks, the adept crept closer to check on the younger Saar. Kenji then sighed at the various nicks and cuts before gathering some mana to heal Saburo's wounds. "You always come home in this condition, silly little brother," he admonished quietly. The older Saar then got dressed and left the room to see if anyone else was around.

    Knocking on the door to the room his older sisters shared, he noted a complete lack of reply. This giving him some courage, he took a deep breath and peeked in, relaxing when it looked like neither of the twins were there. Of course, Haruki's bunk was a complete mess while Haruko's was perfectly made (or at least as good as what can be done with straw, canvas, and old furs) - the latter must have left first.

    With that, the young Saar closed the door and made his way down into the main room. Here, there was a cooking area with potion making equipment mixed in, a fireplace, and an eating area that doubled as the family patriarch's sleeping place. Noting that even downstairs no one else was around, Kenji located a little cheese and bread before heading out into the world.

    <<oog: The important part.>>
    After some time walking, Kenji made his way to the Earth Weaver guild-house in Calanhelm. As he got up to the door the food he had recently eaten felt as if they had hardened and weighed heavy in his stomach - the fact that he had taken so long to do this ate at him. As the Saar's paw came up to knock, the feeling grew heavier cuasing a sense of nausea came over him; but he pushed through it and tapped twice before entering.

    "Hello?" he called into the hall.
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    The lobby area of the round, three-story wood building was bustling with activity, those of all races moving through the hall and up and down the stairs. Near the middle of the room, before the stairs, sits a large wooden reception desk with a little old human woman wearing spectacles sitting behind it. She can be seen talking to another human, and writing something in a book, which she then closes and slides under the desk, before writing something on a slip of paper and handing it to the man as he hands her some coin. As the man steps away and moves towards the stairs, she calls "Next!" and the dryad next in line steps up to the desk. A young boy weaves his way deftly through the people, then runs up to a younger woman on the other side of the desk, drops off several rolls of parchment, gathers a few more, and runs off out the door again. This appears to be the place to go.
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    Though the bustle was a hit of new stimuli, the feeling of being mildly invisible calmed Kenji's nerves some as he tried not to be too much in the way. He then noticed the reception desk and how there was someone responding to "Next" so quickly. With that the young sarr looked for the queue in an attempt to find where he should wait.

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    Eventually the line moves forward and it's Kenji's turn. The old lady behind the desk calls "Next" without looking up while she finishes writing something in a book, then places it under the counter.
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    Kenji's tail dropped and bristled slightly as the nerves started getting to him again when he realized it was his turn. He then swallowed and approached the desk with eyes open, trying not to make the old lady wait too long. "I'm here to register as one can use Earth magic," the sarr offered with a bow.
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    "Name, homeland, and rank please." The old woman asks as she pulls a large book from under the counter and flips it open, her quill at the ready.
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    "Right," the sarr nodded in reply, "Kenji, from Ralendas - well, out side Ralendas." He took a moment to think, wondering what the old woman meant about rank - then it hit him. "I have not joined the guild yet," Kenji finished, watching to see what trouble that would net him as he fidgeted with his claws.

    To say the possibilities of what was coming bothered him would be an understatement. To be honest, the adept wished he were ripping kidneys out of sect members or auditing a merchant's ledger for consistency instead. Even his sister's semi-frequent beatings would be preferable.
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    The old woman rapidly scribbled down the information in a single line in the book. "Not a member." She said as she wrote. "The guild only offers accommodations and training to members of the guild. Should you wish to join, a meeting will be arranged for you with a guild leader. Are you looking to join the guild today or just registering on your way through?" She peers at you over her small glasses.

    OOG: No cultists. That's a religious thing; there's no religion in Alliance.
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    OOG: Thanks, that jogged my memory as to who they were. Edited to sect.

    Kenji let out some air before replying, "I am mostly concerned about following the rules for now. I have been mostly focused on my work as an accountant."

    The sarr hoped that he would be done there; but a question came to mind. "By the way," he continued, "There were some people in the city, back in the winter, whom I haven't seen since. I had heard the terms 'adventurer' and 'breacher' thrown about in relation to them. Are they still around?"
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    The old woman's eyebrow raised when he said 'accountant.' She scribbles something else in the book and puts it under the table. She's about to call next, when he asks his question.

    "There are many people in the city in the winter, but if you are referring to those who used to be posted to Parson's Breach, they relocated to Fort Shaundalar, near the Rocholm border. It's a two-week journey on foot, east on the main road through the mountains to Redspan, then south for a day. A portal can be obtained to Redspan through the Arcane Sanctum for a fee. It's only big enough for yourself, no carts or draft animals. Now, if you're not planning on petitioning to become a member of the guild at this time, I do have a line. Be sure to register with the local guild wherever your travels take you. NEXT!"

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