An Oathsword heads into a bar. . .

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Adraxis, clad in his greens and blacks, moseys into the tavern. The Oathsworn is leisurely gnawing at a cob of roasted corn. He tacks up two missives, adjusts his fuzzy hat, and exits.

The first missive reads:

Heroes of the Lux,

I want to thank you for the hospitality, generosity, and mentorship you have shown to me and my comrades since we arrived in the Lux. In the past three months, I have learned more than in my previous century beneath the surface.

It has been a privilege fighting by your side for the future of Calandonian civilization. Never have I felt so alive and in the moment. We’ve sworn oaths together and fought back-to-back against fire giants, a dragon, Balinox, and a beholder. These are my proudest moments and I look forward to forging many more with you.

Don’t forget the oaths you’ve sworn. Never forget why you fight.

See you in the spring,
The second missive reads:

The Tower of Spero

I here swear fealty and loyalty to Calandonia.
To loyally serve this Kingdom and its Crown, according to my knowledge and abilities.
This do I hear and will never forget,
The sacrifices made in its creation, defense and support.
Thus do I pledge my sword and service.
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