An unexpected meeting

The large doors to the Earth Weavers guild house creak open and a tired looking Jinn steps out. Out of breath he mumbles something about a portal needed to be installed sooner rather than later. Unfamiliar with his surroundings, he takes a moment to look around and take in the room, before heading to the attendant.

"Hello, my name is Jinn Wildgrove, Warmage of the Arcane Sanctum. I am here to request a meeting with The Fatespinner, but given the suprise nature of this meeting she will not be expecting me. I can be incredibly patient, and will wait right over there." He says while pointing at the most comfortable chair.

He tips his head in a small bow and sits in the chair, getting comfortable.
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The old woman looks at you over her thin-rimmed glasses, taking note of the red badge. she turns and summons a page, says something to him, and he runs off down the large hall and up the wide staircase at the back.

Some hours later, the page returns breathing hard. He's nodding to the old woman. She turns to Jinn, "The Fatespinner will see you now. Peter here will show you the way."

The page heads off towards the stairs again, leading you up three flights to a curved hallway. He says something to another Earth Weaver sitting at a desk there, who nods and goes back to his work. Peter continues down a hallway and stops before an open door.
Jinn stands nods at the old woman "Thank you very much" He turns to Peter "Show me the way friend"

Jinn follows his guide through the hallways and up the stairs, admiring the building along the way. Stopping at what he assumes is the Fatespinners office he turns to Peter. "Thank you for showing me the way. I assume this is our stop?"


"Please enter, Jinn" comes from within. She is seated at a large desk covered with organized stacks of papers. She finishes writing something, rolls it up and seals it. "Peter, please take this to be delivered." The page enters, takes the scroll from Zanthia, bows, and rushes away. She gets up from the desk and takes a seat in a comfortable looking chair before an empty hearth.

"Please have a seat."
Jinn allows Peter to take the scroll and steps aside as he leaves the room.

"Thank you for seeing me, I'm sure you have many matters to attend to, and me stopping by unexpected may have put a wrinkle in that, and for that I apologize." Jinn says as he enters the room. Before sitting Jinn reaches over and closes the door.

*convo taken to pm*
The door to the office opens and Jinn steps through to the hallway.

"Once again thank you for your time, I hope I didn't throw off to much of your day."

He turns and heads towards the stairs, slowly making it to the exit.