An Update From Galerus Pinned on the Tavern Wall


New Hampshire Staff
Assistant General Manager
((The following note written on formal letterhead is pinned to the tavern's announcement board in Myerston.))

To whom it may concern:

I would like to relay to the adventuring community of my success in informing the Khar-Durai Council of Elder Biata of our most recent incident involving the Cosmic Tapestry. My report regarding the threat of Entanglement, as well as the process by which we were able to untangle the Threads of Reality, was heard with urgent interest. My mission to share the news of this untangling process with every additional Thread of Reality I can reach is fully supported and eagerly commencing.

I return to you now to seek assistance, gather strength, and share experience. The Council’s Grandmaster, Mimiteh Eris, has suggested that anyone who participated in the untangling, or has personally experienced Cosmic Vision, be invited to participate in the dissemination of this information.

Additionally, I am tasked with further research into the nature of the existential threat of Entanglement. I similarly extend the request for assistance in these efforts, by anyone who wishes to put their experience to good use.

I will be meditating around the Lodestone. Please send word or seek me out directly if you wish to assist in this collaboration.

With deepest gratitude, and a commitment to our continued stable existence,
~ Tobu Galerus

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