Announcement from the Lord Magistrate

"Citizens of Barstowe: Let it be known the criminal known as 'The paintbrush killer' is no more. This happened in cooperation between myself, the Bounty Hunter's Guild, the adventuring community, and the leadership of
Sir Tantarus Andrada, Knight of Stradyn. This victory was not without cost, as my own aspirant Marrow of House an Diadan, and Xavic of the Ashen Collective gave their lives in the battle. Thankfully they have both been resurrected, if you see them offer your thanks for their sacrifice.

Additionally: A great blow has been struck against the forces of Hargoth. Revel in your homes on this victory, but do not get complacent, the threat of Hargoth is still real and present. Remain vigilant in the defense of your homes, but know that the candle of hope burns brighter today."

Lord Magistrate Larix An Diadan