Announcement Regarding Chapter Staff

As we start getting excited about our 2020 Season (first Event is on 1/18/20) we’ve made the decision to review all of our Chapter Staff to ensure they still want to commit to the responsibilities and requirements of their staff positions. . This means everyone, Matt is out as General Manager, Chad, Travis, and Chris are off of Plot. Everyone who was previously an Alliance SoMI Staff Member is released of their obligations.

First, Chris, Travis, Matt, and Chad are all rehired on an interim basis, pending their ability to comply with the other requirements we’re about to address.
Second, anyone who has previously committed to a staff position is welcome to return to their roles as well, presuming they’re willing to meet the updated requirements of that role.
Third, anyone who is interested in joining the Chapter staff is welcome to reach out to us about the available staff positions. We welcome as many Players to join our team as possible, many hands make light work.

One of the major expectations of a number of positions is the ability to effectively communicate the rules of the Alliance LARP. This means that everyone who wants to be a:

  • Plot Member,
  • Ritual Marshal,
  • Rules Marshal, and
  • New Player Marshal
must pass a rules test based on the 2.0 Rules. We hold ourselves to the same standard, so Travis, Chad, Chris, and Matt testing each other first. Other roles are much less intensive and simply involve helping us out with tasks that regularly need to be handled at Events (a benefit of these roles is they receive a discount on Event prices).

Information about the expectations and responsibilities of staff positions, as well as rewards are posted in the
Player's Guide Section if you’re interested in helping continue to build the Chapter. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email them to Matt ( and we’ll respond to them (if we get a lot of questions we’ll start a FAQ).