Announcements of King Fouad and Lord Jothi


A message has been sent to the town of Wagonlist, through the crystal in the tavern addressed to Lord Jothi, and all residents of Wagonlist:

Greetings and serenity to all of Wagonlist,

The great crystal network, which has powered countless inns and taverns throughout A’kh’t is ready to be upgraded to the point of powering all the small municipalities of our great kingdom in the same manner as those used in the great cities. All throughout your township will be able to have light at night, and heating during the winter months as foundation energy is networked throughout the entire empire.

In order to accomplish this a formalist technician has been dispatched and should arrive sometime late into the second month of this year, 5119 AC. With this completed, we will connect you to the great power system within the great city, and make all the lives of Wagonlist, and indeed A’kh’t better. As such the kingdom declares a week of celebration during this time, from the time of the technician’s arrival.

Eat, drink, and be merry. The great peace of our empire continues unabated through diplomacy and cooperation. The wisdom of the key ones in the city continues unabated, and forever shall we endure.

King Fouad

After the arrival of the letter Lord Jothi has spoken out in front of his tavern to those more local to the actual crossroads:

“I have taken this to heart, and have bid all those who can to come to the tavern. I remember all too well how the addition of the crystal some seventy five years ago, one of the last small outposts to receive one, meant that there were lights on at night in the town. As such I am excited to have the crystal upgraded, to the benefit of the entire town.

It is my hope that this will further make things more comfortable for everyone in town and as such want to ensure everyone marks their arrival with this week long celebration of drinks, food and entertainment. As it appears the technician will arrive before planting, farmers, herders and the like from the outskirts of town are welcomed to come to the local tavern and a large party will be held.

It is to be a time of solidarity and a reminder to those long lived folks that A’kh’t has endured and indeed prospered for so many years. The project to harness the powers of the planes, the very building blocks of A’kh’t and Fortanis to make all within comfortable has been a long one. When the ability to bind elemental shards into objects became possible centuries ago, it was a logical next step to link these bound shards together. This technological leap became the network, and has kept the tavern lit and the stoves there burning for over seven decades now. So please, bring your best forward and re-introduce yourself to those that you haven’t seen in a while, for a wonderful pleasant gathering.

It is however recommended that if you are capable of using arms and armor, that you do so, as there have been reports of animals prowling on the outskirts of town, possibly hunting due to a recent unusual bout of snow leading to a lack of prey. In addition, a travelling curio merchant came through the circle recently as his wagon was attacked by highwaymen. It is suspected they are using hallucinatory gasses to mask their identities before the attack, so be prepared to protect each other if they become bold enough to run a heist against your fellow townsfolk.

As such, please go bring this invitation out to any who can come gather, and we’ll make sure everyone has a grand time, and gets to see this historic event.”