Annual Veterans Appreciation


Alliance Logistics
Alliance Owner

It is my pleasure once again to announce that the National organization would like to show our love and support for all active and former members of the US Armed Forces by offering a free Dragon Blanket for the month of November (if you have already recieved a Dragon Stamp blanket for November we will credit your account with the amount of Dragon Stamps for a different month). Matt and I started this in 2020 when we took over as presidents, when Tony M. was GM he agreed to keep the tradition going and now our current GM Albert L. has also agreed to show our appreciation.

While we play pretend heroes IG, you do it in real life and for that we will forever be in your debt.

Hopefuly this small token will show our gratitude for the sacrifices you all have made for the freedoms of everyone.

Please email us at and provide us with proof that you are an active or former member. This can be claimed up until February 29th of 2024 at 11:59pm (Eastern time)