Approaching house Therion

Jinn saunters up the path leading towards House Therion's residence, 2 black swords in his hips, and flower crown still on his horned head. He walks up the steps and knocks on the door, then steps back and waits for someone to answer.
Solveig sits at the table quietly as she reads her husband’s letters over and over. She sighs heavily and slowly rubs her tired eyes. The silence is broken by a knock at the door. She stands slowly and makes her way to the door and opens it.
Her mood shifts quickly as she sees her old friend.
“Jinn, please come in! It’s been too long!”
Jinn smiles warmly and walks into the house.

"It has been, this winter has certainly kept me very busy, with all my travels. So, it seems we have something to discuss..." he says as the door shuts.

*convo taken to pm.*
Jinn exits the house and pauses for a moment, feeling the sun shining down on his face.

"Won't be getting many more days like this, I should enjoy it while I can." He says, out loud, before heading off into the lux.
Solveig stands on the balcony and watches him leave. She cannot help smiling after the agreement that was made. She inhales deeply and heads inside to write an update to Sarryn.