Approaching Slumber


Solrex, being in the Lux, felt the wind breeze across his skin and vegetation, or what remained, as his "hair" plant had just broken off, and he had plans to work parts of it back into him, either with grafting, seeding, or something else. Regardless, he continued forward, wandering.

He wondered if he should meditate near the Earth Circle, or instead just go to the tavern, or maybe down to the river. A cold winter breeze shuddered through his body. Winter was coming, and with it, hibernation. Solrex feared hibernation, and wanted nothing more than to find a warm sunny place to be all winter, but the odds of that were next to none, at least if he would stay near the Lux.

The leaves blew through the wind, wilting off in the autumn breeze, and Solrex looked at them. Thinking of his significant other that had passed away, who he had met near his awakening, he let his tears run down his face.

'I'm sorry I failed you… never again, not a single soul, not even one. If they are under my care, they will not perish. Yet, no matter how many I save, it won't bring you back, my love…'

Solrex tightened his grip of his fists in his gloves, closing his eyes and cringing at his past failures. Yet, despite his memories, all he felt was the cold, and no matter how much he hid and took shelter in his cloak, his past failures still chilled him to the bone.

Cold, dead wind chilled his bones. Just a week ago, he probably couldn't see the evil in a necromancer. Now, especially now that he had taken his oath, he would report it immediately. It didn't matter the situation, it had to be punished where it was found.

He wondered how he could fend one off. Despite being an introvert, he needed people in his life. He looked around, and sighed. Pulling out his channeling relic, he summoned his aura in his palm, as empty mana, and tossed it up and down, catching it as it fell, then tossing it again, its appearance being similar to a light that didn't glow or produce light, but still shone, just not in the dark. The green energies bounced in his palm, up and down. Enough to save a life.

He miscanted, and couldn't remember how to properly use first aid back then. Wiping a tear from his cheek, he silently breathed as an autumn leaf twirled past him.

He breathed out slowly, exhaling out his concerns. Breathing in, the concerns returned. He was never free from them. Perhaps death would release him from those, but he doubted even that.

That alchemist, Phalanopsis, or whatever his name was, now was on his mind. He referred him to the Earth Weavers, but was not one himself. He didn't use a weapon, but didn't go into as much danger as Solrex himself. He also was more of an alchemist.

What would Solrex even use as a weapon? A rock? A staff? A thrown dagger? Was it even worth it? Learning how to hold any of them? Should he learn high magic? Could he learn high magic yet? Was there anything he needed to practice aside from just expanding his channeling pool? Solrex didn't know, but he decided to just work on it slowly.

Was there an afterlife? Would his beloved be waiting there for him? Would a spirit farewell even be worth it for him? He breathed, and sighed, longing for a second chance. Could the threads of time be manipulated to bring her back? If it was even possible, would it only be possible with necromancy?

Hibernation would not be restful this winter, and he dreaded being alone with his mind for a fourth of the year or so. Still, -well, there wasn't much else to it.

Who else did he meet? Solvieg, or as she was easier to remember, Silver Sun. Just as his name meant Sun King. A nice little nod to the research he put behind his name. Wasn't she getting married next month? He wasn't sure, but he remembered she put up invitations around town. Or someone had, at least.

Up, down, up, down. The empty spell bounced in his hand, shimmering green. A nice bell curve of gravity; up fast, slow down, hover only for a split second, fall slow, then fall fast before landing in his hand, and being tossed up again.

She was everything to him. And in her name, he swore he wouldn't let anyone he cared about die in front of him. It would crush him to suffer through that again.

Shaking, he breathed deeply. Looking around, he tried to spot anyone around. If someone was around, perhaps he could listen to their stories to drown out his own mind. Still, it would be exhausting, but at least he could have some peace, then return to solitude for peace.
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Alone with his thoughts, Solrex left to go find someone to go talk to. Despite how draining it was, he couldn't stay in bliss forever. In life, everything is a part of a coin. Just as relaxing and thinking alone was fun and good, there is the other side that exists, the work that is tiring and exhausting, that makes the rest have meaning. Solrex made his way to find someone to talk to, just to keep his social skills up. He left this area and went elsewhere.