April 10th Weekend Photo Contest


Chicago Staff
Alright folks with the cancellation of the April 10th Weekend lets go ahead and still show off everyones hard work on their costumes, make up, or just props! Anyone who posts up a picture of themselves in full larp kit, or an awesome new prop will get a component at the first event they physically make it out too! Also two people will be picked at random to get a prize. One will receive a Meeting with the NPC of their choice at the next event they make, and another will receive a 1 ever rift item for them and up to 7 others to a place of their choosing inside the Chicago Game World.

Lets get photos posted up between now and the April 10th Weekend we will make Sunday the 12th at 11:59 pm the cut off to generate components. You may generate up to 10 components this way as long as the photos are new and unique (IE different characters, costumes, or props also they should not have been taken before this challenge)- Make sure to post if your not ok with the photos being forwarded to the Alliance LARP Instagram . Everyone who participates will be entered in the chance for the 2 bigger prizes. Just talked to Gargoyle Forge and are adding a third prize - a $100 gift card to Gargoyle Forge! Good for their catalog product (pay only shipping, or pick up at the National event!)

They should load fine on the forum thread! If you want to share on discord or the facebook go ahead as well! But this is the main repository for them!! Also note there will be a april 10th photo thread on discord.
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