April 2017 Event Registration

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I will be there in April to:

This poll will close on Apr 6, 2017 at 11:53 PM.
  1. PC

    17 vote(s)
  2. NPC

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  1. Tyson

    Tyson Scholar Gettysburg Staff

    Oh dang, here we go again for another season. It's been a while, so here's the drill.

    Membership payment link is here: http://alliancegettysburg.com/event-registration/
    - remember all memberships expire on the calendar year and must be renewed before you can attend events.

    Event payment links are available here, including a 2017 season pass: http://alliancegettysburg.com/event-calendar/

    PC pre-logistics forms - these are super helpful for me: http://alliancegettysburg.com/pre-logistics/

    NPC pre-registration forms - these are super helpful for plot, FOOD, also me, and allowing us to have more PCs!: http://alliancegettysburg.com/npc-registration/

    PC Registrations:
    1. Dave DeMartino
    2. Erika Noach
    3. Kris Kitts
    4. Ericka Skirpan
    5. Scott Babcock
    6. Cole Angelo
    7. Mike Wasielewski
    8. David Dickerson
    9. Donna Hellmuth
    10. Ryan Kelsey
    11. Andrew Souders
    12. Mike Zapp
    13. David Balsome
    14. Mike Balsome
    15. Emily O'Neil
    16. Sarah Heimbach
    17. Heather Marvin
    18. James Stabile
    19. Carrie Stabile
    20. Frank Coyne
    21. Chris Marcikonis
    22. Justin Doheny
    23. Kiersten Doheny
    24. Sarah Shimko
    25. Jordan Krebs
    26. Frisco Cruise
    27. Jill Segraves

    NPC Registrations:
    1. Elissa Ward
    2. Daniel Niedermayer
    3. Kate Ditzler
    4. Dom Alioto
    5. Mike Brenizer
    6. Mandy Sevetsky
    7. (This space could be you or a friend)

    Accuracy of the above is 100% not guaranteed. Just going quickly based on my inbox - I'll get it more filled out by the weekend.

    ... woah, hey. I can make a poll. This might be interesting, and even useful. Please note that participating in the poll is *NOT* a substitute for registration using the forms above. But it might give everyone a realer-time picture of how many PCs and NPCs we will have.

    PS. **** NPCS NEEDED BADLY!!! ****
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  2. Barran Plot

    Barran Plot Newbie

    I WILL BE THERE WITH PLOTS. OR ducks. Or both.

    We've had ducks before.
  3. amaris

    amaris Newbie

    Paid to pc but can't remember were to do the pre reg stuff for my character card
  4. tieran

    tieran Duke

  5. amaris

    amaris Newbie

  6. Auric

    Auric Administrator Alliance General Manager Alliance Logistics

    Use the April 1,2,3 date. I'm sure Tyson will figure it out :)
  7. amaris

    amaris Newbie

    Thanks Matt!
  8. Theo Zhounil

    Theo Zhounil Artisan

    That payment was for me. I'll be pcing and not Shawna. BF ofcourse.
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  9. Gilwing

    Gilwing Knight Alliance Logistics

    We will hop fence for a shift or two like we normally do.
    Don't know exactly when but we will let u know
  10. Mike Brenizer

    Mike Brenizer Newbie

  11. tieran

    tieran Duke

    The three of us should have forms in.
  12. Dom

    Dom Scout

    Throw me on that NPC list.
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  13. Tyson

    Tyson Scholar Gettysburg Staff

    Registration lists updated. Remember this is based on emails received, so please fill out the registration forms (and/or make payments) so I have an official record.
  14. Lanna Rose

    Lanna Rose Templar

    As Kate posted on the event page on Facebook we have to have more NPCs.

    This way we can keep with the 3:1 PC:NPC ratio. So please consider NPCing an event for us.

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  15. Little_Ruis

    Little_Ruis Newbie HQ Staff

    You're missing Frank Willig and Lauren Keener to NPC. Both I know did the NPC registration since I was sitting there.
  16. Barran Plot

    Barran Plot Newbie

    A fence hopping list will be posted shortly for PCs to darkside for us during the weekend to boost NPC ratio :)

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