April 2019 favorite moments!!

So many good things this weekend, honestly the best game of 2.0 I’ve played so far. I’m really starting to understand what my new role in the system is and what sort of rituals I’ll need to support it. (As many Quicken Meditations as humanly possible).

  • The Captain’s Log mod. When you have a month to plan something and get expectations of how it’ll go you never know how you’ll feel when you see the finished product. IT WENT AWESOME. So many little things made me happy. Coming in to find Sandro picking the Ulrathi slaver apart and having to say “Whoa there, lets get him to talk before we have too much fun.” Zander’s playing Whent was awesome and I love it.

  • Special Mention to Senior and what happened after everyone else left the Log. That was some of the best stuff I’ve been a part of, and one of the first times I’ve been the one to shine in a scene like that. Considering all the misconceptions Plot and Players have about who Elwin is and what he is capable of, I am super glad to have you got to get down to brass tacks and see what’s beneath the bakery, gems, and undead hunting. The brighter the Light, the darker the Shadow.

  • It was great to see the Merchant’s Guild explode in popularity. The LCO crafting system has pumped new life into the Guild and I’m glad to be a part of it.

  • Getting to test out my Arcane Spirit Shatter Kick on Emaric. Then finding out, no he’s really dead and standing watch over his res. I’ve never seen one before so it was nice to get to see the process and Jules did a wonderful job. I know a few people were escorted out, I really appreciate being allowed to stay and not needing to cause a scene to do it. I hated that someone decided to cut onions during that, I WASN’T CRYING.

  • Getting to know Morningtide and Elavir a bit better was lovely. Having forged bonds with Emaric and Dem and Wulfgar over the last year or so it was nice to finally get to really meet their bosses and get to know them.

  • Page cave mod! I love running mods for the pages, mostly because I can just screw up all over the place and they don’t notice. When I came down to run it and heard “We’ve got the mod space” I was like “So..? Its not that big of a mod” I hadn’t been inside to see the cave system. Derrek MADE THAT MOD. Those kids were absolutely pee-scared of a single unarmed goblin in the dark. The visions the kids recieved in the cave were supposed to be on orange cards, but in this case it worked out better that they weren’t. I got to see their reactions and tell that they remembered and were invested in what I was writing. Get ready for June kids. I’ve got some plans for you.

  • Going back IC and getting to teach the kids about the Triangle of Pain, and the lovely conversations I had about the nature of Earth Magic, the school of Curses in particular, and what it means to truly support a team.



  • The feeling of getting to what what he spent the entire War of a Thousand Skirmishes doing, kill Dargok, via Kendrick bomb. Only to realize it was hollow, Dargok will be back.

  • Warm cookies after night fights.

If I missed something I’m sorry, super tired and the coffee isn’t doing it. I love you all and can’t wait for June!
1. Alis' Festival! It was super well hosted, had just the right amount of stuff and was the most fun I've had at a party in a long time! Definitely my biggest highlight of the game was this time spent with PCs, before we were rudely interrupted by Dargok ;)

2. Finally meeting Cryn and getting to talk with him about his position. Hopefully more comes from this conversation, but it's a really interesting moral question!

3. Fighting on the soccer field and running around without a fear of tripping or falling on anything! It's so clear that it's fun to run fast and hard.

4. Getting to meet the Wayfarers! Amazing group of people, all very skilled at what they do. Also super fun to spend time with, and they've got some interesting stuff going on all the time :)

5. Mandi's amazing costume! I knew picking her to NPC this role was the right idea, she rocked that look! Hopefully she'll be back soon and more people will get to see her next time :)

6. Cave mods! I wasn't here last game, so getting to see the cave and how the plot team is using that area is very cool! The walls are great and totally worth the setup and use of the area.

7. "Oh, honey"

8. Loving some new skills on my sheet! Powerful meditation is exactly that, really powerful. United blow is still super satisfying to use, and retribution is still amazing although harder to use on everything. And celestial armor is KING!

9. Above all, getting back to spending time with the community and game that I love. Keep kicking *** out there everyone, and I'll see you all in June!
You always get more inner monologue and emotion with my favorite moments than you probably wanted, but don’t worry – I get to the **** jokes very soon!

I had a “lost” year as a PC in 2016, then joined Plot for 2017-2018, so it’s nearly like playing a brand new character for me in 2019. That’s kind of cool in certain ways, as it gives me a nice, conscious chance to reinvent both my character and playstyle to make the experience more fun for me. Honestly, I dreaded going to the March event – it was a chore for me, an obligation… and I came out with more enthusiasm than I brought in, but the bar was admittedly low. March was about identifying the questions I needed to answer (about 2.0, about my character’s place in current game society, about what will be fun for me). April was in its own way my own personal Season Opener. I had such a great time! This really restored my enthusiasm for the game, and now I very much look forward to June and the rest of the season!

* Before the event, a whole pack of really great, personalized BGAs for my team, getting us all in the spirit, and psyched for the event! Thanks to Paul, Dan, Taylor!
* All the PC-sponsored activities to look forward to!
* Rumor sheets: “4 out of 5,” thank you, Paul! I had such a good belly laugh over that!
* Meeting “Schnegily,” the pet rock – and marveling at HOW the **** Bandits prevailed yet again, totally unseen, when they drew a **** on it!
* Nobles: “We’re putting the band back together.” It feels like the best parts of 2015. Super enjoying having most of us on the same side of the curtain again, working and adventuring together.
* The missing one: Having Mike Messmer join the Plot Team full-time is a great boost to my enthusiasm! Already in one event I’m reaping the benefits of fun!
* DOOMWING is in town and he’s HUMAN? “Are you in charge here?” – Baroness Kate looks around – several someone elses shout, “Yes!” before I even figure it out (nice way to kick off the event with some mandatory interaction while I’m still figuring it all out)
* The rotating negotiation with Doomwing: a week at the spa with a mud bath! Followed by later conversation with promise of a future adventure that sounds OOG like it will be incredibly, ridiculous regrettable
* In theme of a whole night of insulting the former dragon - Realizing that Doomwing wants to travel by carriage because he doesn’t know how to ride a horse. Pointing at laughing at the former (and probably future) dragon, knowing that literal dozens of generations of my descendants will pay for this moment… Worth it.
* Hey! I got involved in a plotline as a PC!
* Vandathron: The relationship between our characters exists in stolen moments, little snippets here and there. This event started with the demands and explanation about Doomwing, and I love Ryan’s roleplay in those stolen scenes!
* Steering: Decided this event to make up excuses to roleplay with Jeff, and Dia. Started really neat ongoing conversations with Cryn, and Peat on Friday night that continued into a theme of getting to work with their characters more, which was so delightful to me – and also delightful to my character from her perspective. – and getting to see Jeff juggle, which is always such a treat!
* Catching up with Lyari (Owen) in moments here and there through the weekend, catching each other up on plots going on, and filling each other in on what’s going on right now
* Captain’s Log: Heard that there was probably activity that a White Belt should not be involved in – but relieved IG to know that the ladies were being protected. Had some fun short conversations with various characters around that issue.
* Conspiracy talk with one of Kate’s best friends, Graham Wolsey, with his full attention with only one word: “Forestwatch” – Related, the negotiation with Doomwing and certain lines drawn!
* Cheerful, traditional Rivervale snacky time with lots of guests! Finding glowing “Easter eggs” around our cabin with tiny keys, tiny vials, and happy chocolates – thank you, Aneira!
* 3:41 minutes of sleep (thank you, Fitbit) is not enough – but at least I had the smarts not to make early plans on Saturday. Surprising only to me, that worked out better than the alternative!
* First thing in the morning still in my pajamas crying roleplay of chivalric turmoil over supreme disappointment in the Ducal Paladins! Getting advice from two close friends IG (Anders, Eldred) on a chivalric crisis of faith on this knightly soap opera. Fixin’ to put a boot up some Paladin’s ***!
* Quick chats with Gwen, and Alis
* Getting to hang out a little with promised cool new friends: Fable and Lupine, and help them out with the game, and also entertain Van’s friends IG and be good hosts. I look forward to their return!
* Mandi the fire elemental: BE STILL MY BEATING HEART
* Chivalry School: Two great sessions in a row this year! REALLY good comments from Emaric, and Brom (IG Brom, OOG Jacob) in particular! Cryn and Darius just knocked it out of the park on their presentations! I expected goodness from each of them, and received true excellence! I got the sense that more than a few attendees are genuinely interested in stepping up as leaders, and that is such a relief IC – and OOC, I dwell in the Treehouse of Inclusiveness and I really want to help people do what’s going to be fun, and fun challenges for them. YAY! Thank you to everyone who attended; I thought it was really good, and I hope you did, too!
* The return of Gam-gam, meeting her grandsons, and THAT HAT. Kendrick: “What does he have to offer?” Bubbe: “Would you look at this face? Who couldn’t love this face??”
* Katherine getting to meet the Gnarltusk ogres, which felt a little weird and metagamey but Graham invited me – LOVED the hammer duels, and how others got involved! Neat, easy scene, Paul, thank you!
* Acarthian Historical Society off to a rough start until the appearance of a special guest star: Doomwing himself at the meeting to discuss Doomwing! Learned some cool stuff!
* FINALLY getting to sit down to discuss chivalric crisis with Sir Darius – and his response was just… perfect. Perfect. <3
* All weekend: Bria and Bobby moving around the stuffie displacer beast kitten, and stuffie coyote in our cabin, watching us, watching each other. So much joy!
* Huntsman battle… that I missed. I NEEDED to lay down and try to nap for a bit! It’s a good event when there’s just too many cool encounters to meet them all! Sad that I missed that one in particular, though.
* Dinnertime with Eldred and Kate each picking the corner of our respective Corinthus Brother, and trying to mediate their heated exchange
* Yalinth festival was so cool and atmospheric and such a neat night! Now that I hear more about the fighting pit, I wish I had indulged – and I will next time!
* Screw you, Dargok!
* Getting asked to be Field Commander for the late night battle vs. hobgoblins, and all the planning, and the replanning, and then, “Eff it! We divide into two groups!” SO proud of Team Corn and Potatoes for being so quiet, perceptive, and professional – THAT was the way to do it! And unfortunately also the way we discover how sound just **does not travel** on our new campsite! D’oh! LOVED the roleplay with each of the 6 would-be squad leaders if our plan had worked out, and with Elwin – and looking forward to working with each of you again in the future!
* Fighting for Team Vilker again this year when Kate got Charmed! (“Am I allowed to hit the Baroness?” “Damn! You’re the only PC who remembers she has a Spell Shield!”) Thank you, Dan!
* Banks’ new project… wow, John, didn’t see that one coming. I’ll give you that!
* My first visit into the Cave Building on a cute mod that Dan ran on Sunday morning with “blue cards” inside, and good roleplay from Christopher as a troll

Really looking forward to the June event, and even more to July and Alis’ next cool party! Thank you, everyone, for every moment of roleplay and contribution, and sometimes patience this event!

Love & Kisses,
Trace Moriarty
Was glad to be able to attend briefly. Thanks for all the well wishes for the doggo!

  • Getting to finally attend a merchant guild meeting, and to apply some noble "civility" to it.
  • I genuinely appreciate what the lco crafting system has done for the economy. It's helped me give my character some new direction.
  • Getting to hang out with more of the team and some special guests!
  • Jen's gold dragon costume and makeup were well done!
  • I actually went on a mod! (I do this once a year or less) I felt useful for the first time in a long time on an adventure because of my handy $5 DR red flashlight I've been carrying for two years and never used. Who knew? I genuinely enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Paul for bringing me along and everyone who came with us.
  • Some amazing rp with Wulfgar as I was leaving. Some really heartfelt things said and some thoughtful rp is ahead of us.
  • Resurrecting Emerac. I genuinely was flattered to be picked to do so as I'm not overly confident in my skills but I'm so glad I got to do that and find out it had a positive impact on those watching. (Props to Katie for grabbing the "whiskey")
  • Having Lana hang with the house! Was lovely hanging another bookworm around! And... Goat cheese!!!
  • Proposing something wild and epic to 1k Bones and the potential for an amazing arc. Thanks for listening bud.
  • Getting to rp with Brom is always a pleasure. Looking forward to your Kyn!
  • Getting to rp with the whole house and feel like we are growing again.
  • The Wayfairers are always a pleasure and I'm sorry I didn't get as much time as I had intended. Next time!
  • Thank you to those who showed up to our new adventurers class, even if it was a bit hurried. Sorry about that! Gold dragons and all.
  • I genuinely love this site. I have recently discovered how important my personal comfort is to my game experience and I just adore this location for so many reasons. Thank you to those who help ensure the relationship is maintained.
  • Thank you to Google and Casey for helping me fond a non shitty road to site. An hour door to door. Perfect.
  • Thank you to Ray for being Mr. Tiatar while the sapphire keep corgis needed some extra TLC.
  • Thank you to Clara for giving us a go and checking out the house!
  • Thank you to " Lucky" who's name leaves me for some fun rp before I had to leave.
  • I am still finding my footing again in the game and I've appreciated being able to reconnect with players and characters.
  • Hank you to Paul Snr for some great bga materials and to Jen for her in depth responses.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to rp with Elavir as its hard to keep focused when I'm only there a few hours. Special love of course to tiatar and friends. I'm so glad Ray and I have been able to reconnect and reinvest.
So yea a good weekend.
  • Senior - You are a great sport and thank you for the mod with Elwin.
  • Jules - I almost cried with the how much love Elavir has for her meathead Emaric.
  • Shivlings - I always love teaching the newer generation things.
  • Trace - One of my first schools that you've hosted as Katerine in general. Was a good moment for me as Emaric.
  • Ray, Junior, Paul, and Brandon - Never fails me to bond with you guys over the little things.
  • Katie - Emaric's little book worm, Lana. Brings a smile to my face when I get to tease her.
  • Wayfarers - We are going to have jokes and stories soon. Many of them.
I'm sure I am going to forget stuff. But here goes.

  • Game on rushing towards the cabin and seeing it was a dragon snark off. Not quite willing to get in on the snark fest but I did watch Puck not die? So maybe next time XD
  • Getting to interact with Jeff's new character. I was so sad to have missed more RP with Calidan. I think I'm making up for it in spades. Please don't be the stuck up race. It would be sadness.
  • Mage's Guild meeting. HOLY CRAP Where did all these people come from?! Also I know your secrets naughty people. But also Lumi was a bad wife who didn't go on an adventure with her husband. Hanging out while waiting for their return was great though.
  • Almost getting jumped leaving the mage's guild. That was interesting.
  • Snaky time, thanks for having us. Also much love to my gossip bros.
  • Breakfast, and really dinner and cookies. I love you Dia for all that you do. yuuuuummmm
  • Rushing from breakfast to NPC for Taylor. I was super honored to get to play an NPC for him and luckily my wardrobe is really great for flame XD. I loved doing that mod and all the RP. Someone should teach that apprentice some manners :p I shoulda burned him instead. Thanks for being so great PCs. I'm flattered how much ya'll loved it! Peat's adventure mitt :)
  • Rushing back and deglittering myself to run up and help the brothers (Who still deny lumi her sandwich) to go find their mothers body and maybe fight their dad. GOD that was dark. I will never loan my light to the pages again. So scary in the cave. the dark, the walls, spells around corners and that music. OMG
  • Having to turn down Mosher spaghetti was heartbreaking, not a favorite moment but the saddest moment.
  • Mosher friends! I ******* LOVE THEM BRING THEM BACK FOREVER. I love the extra help to go after Dem ;) and Fable is amazing and fun.
  • Huntsman fight, I wanted John Fawkes dead so bad. F that guy and his lack of taking any spells and then dooming Taylor down and then me :(
  • Dinnnnner. Lasagna is life. Yum
  • The party! It was so fun. I wasn't willing to go in the pit and get a drink spilled on me but the camraderie was great. Also MASQUERADE. YAS. "Drunk" pages.
  • That dargok fight. Jeeeeeeez. OW. I hate you Messmer So many phases. Not cool dude. Flanking with Kendrick and Noah was great for a second til I wasn't stealthy enough. That fight was scary and made going into the hobgoblins that much more scary IMO. Watching Cryn really warchester it also gave me so mjuch anxiety. And hope. XD THE VENGEANCE. I wants.
  • Hobgoblins. That fight was scary. We waited for a bit and then couldn't get reinforcements fast. Pin Prison life. Shane was a scary NPC :p. I did like the sneaky lets talk to the pc's to lure them close to charm them. So I decided to mobile magic storm and bait them with my resists. It was great. 10 spell magic, 10 spell magic *arcane charm* resist ...you and your horns 10 spellmagic10spellmagic10spellmagic "Come at me bro". Kendrick coming out of the woods to the dead body of the hobgoblin. I do need to get more breaks or awakens because omg so many people charmed.
  • Watching the crystal convo and experiments with belts. I can't wait for the rumors.
  • Getting lectured for giving away herbs that I didn't know we needed because no one told me poor Fynn got grossed. Then getting more and the baron still being unhappy. :p
  • That last plant fight. Just as I sat down to breakfast. BOOO but it was great. Lets dagger these guys Banks!
  • Thanks to all the amazing new NPC faces. Thanks for letting us beat on you
Definitely missing things. I'll try to add what i remember later.
Coming along with my NPC-side perspective...

  • Before the game even started! Getting to write a fun flash-fiction style IBGA story for the team poking their noses into my guest writing bit. I don't get to do that enough anymore!
  • The whole weekend - every mod that went out, and basically every story that came back, made me want to have been on that particular mod or event.

  • So. Many. New. NPC faces! This is the most I can remember in a long while!
  • First look at Jenn's costuming for her recurring character. I hope lots of people got to see her in that outfit, because it turned out great!
  • Two from Field Battle #1:
    • A bit of a "curses, foiled!" moment, but as 'advance scouts' for Pitch's forces, we got spotted West of the tavern... or at least two of us did. We walked the group right past a deep shadowed bush, from where Xander dropped a perfect waylay situation. Unfortunately, Hoblings are nimble little jerks.
    • Getting into the main field on another pop, and discovering that the Utah Players had managed to make it out! I had to restrain my joy to focus on fighting. See also: Jenn, marshalling: "You know you just took like, five fourteen point hits?" Me (referring to Petra): "I know who this is Jenn, she can take plenty more."
  • First round with the cave in the Mage's guild Mod. Derrek made the layout absolutely amazing, and the combination of jump-scare monsters and big stompy golems made things work wonderfully.
  • Assassins waiting on the road... and getting a whole mage's guild worth of people they were not expecting. If only Sir Kendrick had walked a little further towards the road before turning the corner...
  • Several parts of Emily and Sierra's mod were quite fun - Lightning Bolt on an Iron Key, and the sand guardian who just wanted a good pun...
  • The hatching of a baby dragon. And the consequences.
  • Huntsman on the soccer field... plus a surprise skirmish at the treeline. That was some of the fastest, most hectic fighting I've had in a while. In the best possible way!
  • Apparently, I was playing my role a little too well at dinner, and had to let up so that Emily could stop laughing to eat. Sorry :)
  • Dargok heard there was a party he was not invited to! You all really just need to invite him directly so he stops crashing them.
  • Playing the friendliest Hobgoblin ever known. On the different pops, I got to make Squire Demvarian, Aiden, Dame Kathrine, and Thousand Bones my friends! Sadly, Lumi did not want to be my friend.
  • Getting to run the first of my mods that I've written - for the record, I think Endure Elements is too darn good/vaguely written in this system compared to others I've played, but I'm also glad I did not have to adjudicate altitude sickness. Also, the NPCs I tapped for that mod took the basic instructions for that group of Yeti and ran with it in the most wonderful of ways.
  • Also, flight attendant Aneira.

I can't wait for June!
I just have to post about this past weekend. It was amazing!
  • First off, I just want to thank everyone who was checking up on me and my sprained ankle all weekend. You guys were so supportive and helpful! (And I now will always repeat the term "Army Candy" because it's amazing)
  • I will always repeat this a thousand times over, but I love being around you guys all the time! You're all so positive and this game has such a great atmosphere. (Not to mention that Sierra and I have secretly given all the NPCs roles in our Monster Camp "family", cause you guys all rock!)
  • Anyways, into the weekend!
  • I loved traveling around under the moon Friday night. Not only was the view incredible, but Sierra and I had great encounters with the "moon men". All they were looking for were some great opportunities to stroll about. ;)
  • Running our Saturday morning mod, and being able to hear the PCs make jokes to a pile of sand. I especially loved Jeff's muffin joke~ "Aah! A talking muffin!" (You guys always make me laugh)
  • I live for every mod I get to do with the pages. You guys are so charming and awesome to hang around!
  • The Hobgoblin battle in the lake of black goop. I was throwing pins left and right. Sorry Jax! (Yet you were hilarious :) )
  • All of the new faces were wonderful, NPC and PC alike.
  • Mmm....Mosher spaghetti is SO freaking delicious!
  • Playing a dead body was also quite entertaining, especially when I'm "dragged" into the tavern on full display to everyone. I definitely had a good laugh on that one.
  • I loved the discussions in NPC camp, and swapping war stories.
  • Playing our favorite characters for dinner and not being able to eat because Dan kept me laughing the whole time. I couldn't even stay in character! (But that was SO FUN)
  • Giggles and letter writing with Jenn and Sierra back in the barracks~ (and maybe a bit more scheming....)
  • Backpacking Dargok during his wave battle. I really enjoy this new casting system and it was a blast to watch intoxicated PCs get up to battle him. And Kendrick is one sneaky guy~ 100 healing straight to my back and I was out without Dargok even realizing! Watch out for him!
  • Also, my feeling of sadness when I realized that I couldn't heal the Vengeance call that Kendrick blasted onto both the Lieutenant AND Dargok. I was so shocked that they both died within like a minute of each other, that I almost didn't notice Jax taking me out in one blow. What a crazy ride!
  • Ulrathi Slaves. Paul knows how to hook me onto a mod by saying only those two words. Throwing Dooms was just a plus.
  • And overall the game was such a BLAST! Thank you guys so much for making it such a great weekend (as per usual). You guys ROCK!
  • Investiture Poker with Darius! Turns out a straight loses to a full house after all, by the way.
  • Petra bursts into the tavern, "Hey, I need a good healer! Run, I left my body behind!"... wtf?
  • The earth circle assassin whose plan clearly didn't go as intended and got roped into resurrecting one of his own victims.
  • So many people interested in the Merchant's Guild now!
  • Potion cave! Wasn't quite what I was expecting, but still a fun mod, and the cave maze was great! I look forward to some day making those new potions.
  • Cipher cracking with Peat and Puck, showing off my loremaster skillz.
  • Hobgoblin lake mod with Puck & co! Everyone needs a good hat, and alchemy saves the day!
  • The look on Dan's hobgoblin face when I shattered his armor...
  • And then watching everyone's favorite matchmaker grandma do that to a corpse :eek:
  • All of Peat's food! SO MANY COOKIES.
  • Yalinth party! Great job, Alis! Looking forward to the summer masquerade. Consider inviting Dargok to this one to see if he'll dress up for it, since you know he's gonna show up anyway.
  • Finally got that darn alchemy lab built! Aaaand we're going to another region next game, doh!
  • Getting to be a part of Dem's personal plots. I feel like Wulfgar has really started to think of you as a brother, so much good roleplay and shared moments this weekend.
  • Cleaning that lake with Puck. The after effects of that really affected Wulfgar pretty deeply, and triggered a number of other things to drive the character forward. Looking forward to hopefully spending some more time learning from you.
  • Mages guild! Still weird for me to be a part of that guild after hating magic for so many years, but it's been really enjoyable stuff.
    • Not really specifically Mages guild related, but the White Fang mod. I totally forgot my shield, but really enjoyed what we found, and surprising enjoyed taking a back seat there because of it. Thanks to Peat on that encounter really making Wulfgar consider what we were doing.
    • Already been said, but Flight attendant Aneira was amazing.
  • Merchants guild! It's been getting a lot of attentions. Glad to see some of my suggestions approved. Surprise promotion was a thing, and it's been a lot of good stuff. Very busy, might regret that later lol
    • Potion cave was fun. Wulfgar was incredibly concerned with what happened to Kendrick. Glad you made it out okay.
  • Tiatar team! It's always great to see the crew all together. Good RP with the whole crew
    • Special guest on the team Lana was very fun to get to know and hang out with.
  • Yalinth Party! I had a lot more fun than I expected. Special thanks to Alis, overall I had a number of conversations with you that were good to have. Really looking forward to the Masquerade.
    • Kendrick's recounting of Wulfgar making the Boots of Evasion last gather was hilarious, such an amazing embellishment.
  • I regret not being there for Emaric's resurrection. Didn't get to address it this game, sometimes it sucks having so much to do.
  • All of the chat's I had with Eldred. You are always a shining example of what I aim to be able to do in roleplay. Wulfgar really appreciates the ability to be as casual as can be, and immediately shift to serious business with you at the drop of a hat. Lots of RP to come I feel, and I will always look forward to it with you there.
  • Pre-attack silliness with the crew I was assigned to. Made waiting for Saturday nights big fight enjoyable.
  • Stealing a bucket filled with sark corruption. Was so excited to mess with the plan, only to have Casey marshaling take the bucket after we set it in the circle. Can't foil the NPC plans that easily :(
  • Food was amazing as always. Thanks Peat!!!
Lets start with bragging: After a few battles I got approached by NPCs who said I was fun to fight or complimented me on my fighting. I think Paul Sr. said it with "bastard" and a few other swear words in there... so I know it was good. That was pretty great! (I think people are surprised the small shield works so well.)

When the very angry gold dragon Tar'Narinthia rifted into the warded cabin and threatened everyone with immediate annihilation if they didn't hand over the newborn dragon. Good times. sometimes require new pants. Thanks to the Dragonfriend's Luise, Euphemia and my own Lyari for having cared for the egg in a way that made a good impression.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mod on Saturday that had us sprialing down into a tomb, moving statues, dodging fire and solving puzzles. I suspect this was the work of Sierra and Emily, with help from Jenn, and it was very well done.

I had fun writing the fae village series of orange cards for the pages. Should be fun to continue in the future.

Definitely enjoyed seeing the Pages so busy. Thanks so much to Candace & Jon for their work writing a page mod (and to Derek for being the best nosepicker ever). Big thanks to Jenn for the other page mod. What an amazing atmospheric experience. Great props, great puzzles, great trap (so glad they didn't die). And finally a big thanks to everyone who takes the time in their games to interact with the Pages and help them in their quests. Your generosity in time and resources is wonderful. Apologies if anyone had a drink spilled on them when Cryn screwed up and let them get drunk.

Cryn is starting to know people on his own. I enjoyed being part of Chivalry School (so many interruptions), and the Yalinthian Festival (several other kinds of interruptions, ).

I enjoyed interacting with...
- Milady Lumi (Mandi), everywhere... but especially on the stairs.
- Baroness Rivervale (Trace) in discussing battles, leadership and yelling.
- Squire Connor (Bobby), hearing some of your story and considering my own leadership.
- Goodman Brom (Jacob) I'm enjoying having you at the game!
- All the Wayfarers, what fun we're making!
- and others that I'm certainly forgetting... sorry!

Big thanks for Milady Peat (Dia) for feeding us.

Dargok's interruption of the Festival was a tough, scary fight. Great fighting by the NPCs, especially Jesse, Mike M and Dargok's Backpack Healer (Emily P... holy cow you did great).

All the NPCs did such great work all weekend. Thnank you so much! Shout out to Paul Sr. for a great Balif death scene and to Zander and Derek for some excellent fighting all weekend.

And to the PCs on the north side of town later that night, waiting for Sark's attack... thanks for staying so immersed while waiting in the dark. We clearly misread the map locations, but waiting silently and making plans for how to handle the coming battle was fun and atmospheric.

Thank you, everyone!
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So much fun! The Utah folks truly enjoyed themselves. Some fun moments for me:

1) First night, giant fight. Getting in there as Bones and just beating on things. When suddenly Derek and Paul Sr. are like "Whoa! I know that guy! Good to see you, Bones!" and then get back into character to attack and try to kill me. Ha! So much fun!
2) Hanging out with Tiatar all weekend. Ugh! I miss it so much! It is very addicting being around such fun people.
3) Learning that Emeric was sharing space with Petra. Oh man Jay, you should have seen your face when Bones told you he was going to the brothel for the first time... without you! Real tears from Emeric!? Whew...
4) Going to the New Adventurers class and just listening. But more importantly, watching Petra go off with Alis and see her learn how to read! It was very touching, and made papa Bones so proud! Even if the book was creepy as smoldering heck!
5) The Potion Making Cave AND Demvarian's Crypt. So much fun! Seriously, I loved it so much BOTH times I went through it. So much different doing tight quarter combat with your group instead of open field combat. I loved it so much.
6) The Dargok fight. It was fun to say "Hey Dargok, how are you?" and Jesse reply "I'm great! Who are you? Oh yeah, some worthless High Orc from when I was alive! 500 Body!" Fun times. But seriously, that was a fun time. I am glad that the party understands to not let Bones get charmed/corrupted. It is a bad time for everyone.
7) The soccer field battle! Whew! That was a ton of fun! Well done on all accounts. The ground was just so easy to fight on. If only we could do the whole camp like that! Lol
8) The food! It was so super yummy! Thank you so much Pete!
9) I loved all the interactions with everyone. It was just so nice to be back in Denver. I missed you all so very much!

I am ready for June to happen! Make time go faster!
Whew, I finally have a moment to focus on writing these. Sorry for the delay, guys. It's been a crazy week. My game was not quite as involved as usual, as most of my team wasn't there, but as a result I got to RP with some folks I don't usually, so that was fun!

*Private, enraged discussions with Wulfgar. "I know what you're doing." "No you don't." "I do though, and I'm 100% behind you." "Damnit, Puck."
*The Yalinth stuff from the Acarthian Times and rumors. So fun - can't wait to see where it goes!
*Being alone in the tavern with Sandro and Madrigal when a BILLION undead stormed in in mid effing afternoon. I don't think I've ever bailed so fast. Healer out.
*The Spring Festival! I'm so happy everyone seemed to enjoy it so much. I really am looking forward so much to throwing more IG events! I really enjoyed RPing with everyone and watching the fights. Good times were had.
*Dargok's party crashing. What a fun and rough fight!!
*Teaching Petra about the birds and the bees. And also reading. And also how to insult people.
*The food (seriously, Dia, you're amazing. Thank you for taking care of the keto nerds so well. <3 )
*Breakfast with Sarah Sharp
Thank you to everyone that helped, PCed, NPCed and just plan brought their A-game!

Looking forward to June!

Walking back from the undead battle AKA: Yalinth Spring Festival.

Me: Man that battle was so bad, my underwear are falling down.

Katelyn: That is bad.

Stopping to stare at the Tavern, seeing something off-putting.

Katelyn turning around realizing I stopped walking

Katelyn: Did your underwear fall down?

Talyn(looking excited): Whose underwear is down?

*head smack*

I LOVED the NPC and PC banter throughout all the battles. It is fun and some of the NPCs were a hoot to fight with. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for NPCing and making our game more enriched for it.


Alis healing Neysa and the person next to her asking… “Do you need more healing?”

Alis waving her hand in exasperation saying, “Nope, she is just gonna run back in”

As a healer for years, I totally get that mindset and it made me laugh to be the idiot on the other side of the magic.


Me: Heyyy…. How come you get a puppy? I don’t have a damned puppy.

Mike M (as a nasty undead man): I Command you to silence.

Me(looking down at the packed dead hit in the chest): Whaaa???? ****…. Again?

*scowly, glare at Mike M.*

Teammates: She gets silenced a lot.


Dragon Encounter

*The look on Jen’s face as she strode into the cabin as the Gold Dragon*

*The NPC in the room doing the walkthrough of the dragon egg cracking open*

Gold Dragon: One I rift in, Two I rift in, Three I rift in. “Give me the baby!”

Luise: No Holding the baby away from the gold dragon

Everyone else: Gasp

Gold Dragon: Then Die….

Luise: Hands over baby dragon

Everyone breaths again.

Hearing the gold dragon explain flight and the science behind it to a young page, knowing she will NEVER forget that she met a real dragon. Even cooler finding out after that Jen used to hang glide and actually knows what it feels like to be a real dragon.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Senior as the man with the flowers, Speaking with Luise about her contribution to the Acarthian Times


Page plot working overtime with the pages- an exhausted page is an adorable page. *see photo attached*


Gammie, totally! Gammie’s grandson and that BEAUTIFUL Sylvanborne at her side, such a fun encounter every time we saw them. And the lovely scarf and hat for the men in her life…


Newbie that we nicknamed KP (because there was a lot of Kai, Kya, etc)…

He came up during mid-afternoon on Saturday:

“I have never seen an elf, a biata or even held a sword before yesterday. This place is CRAZY!” and stomps off towards his cabin. Left us all sitting there on the steps staring after him ….


Team: We have to decipher the tomb.

Neysa(in her head): Oh.. We can use various types of blood: human, elven, sylvanborne and put a layer over each page then we can see if any of them activate the magic.

Team: We could use a dispel magic or look at it in a circle

Neysa: Ohhhhhh… That is way more socially acceptable than what I thought.

Team: …

Me: .. What?


Having a very serious conversation with Dim and Sandro

Dim: I want to apologize to you…

Me: You nobles are f*cking crazy

*storms off*

(Mental note, write an apology letter for that one)


Everyone sitting outside in the chilled night air awaiting an attack from the hobgoblins:

Silence, the only light is that from the full moon.


Everyone(whisper hissing): Shut the… &*$%#^#*&($ … Door


Ending announcements:

“There is a full pan of lasagna that anyone can take home”

Duane: Squeee… I love lasagna

Team: Dude… it’s made with cucumbers.

Duane: *Totally deflates…. Sad panda face*


Watching the bliss on the face of the Thousand Bones as he bit into the meat we had on Saturday night at the cabin.


Getting to witness the encounter where the mother was removed from the crypt, Love witnessing and capturing that on film.


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