April 26th Weekend Event Preregistration: A Deal Not Made

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Yeah, it's supposed to be spelled "j'jjjj", I think.


Chicago Staff
Afters will be at: NEXT-MEX in Lemont - https://www.next-mex.com/eat.html

319 Front St, Lemont, IL 60439 (12 minutes from site and 8 minutes to 55 and/or 355)

The Chapter will grab several orders of Nachos and Skillet Queso for folks plus cover soft drinks as a thank you for anyone who comes out to this oddball opener and comes down to the afters as well! I and the rest of staff would love to talk about 2.0 and your hopes and dreams for the season! As I am sure someone will ask this is not an official alliance event thus feel free to order harder beverages if you desire (just those along with your main meal are on you).

Let me know if you think you would probably come out via pm here or facebook so I can modify the reservation up or down. ATM I have a reservation for 25 folks.