April Ashbury event pre-reg

Christine Maudlin to play Gwendara.
Daniel Gelerman to PC as Tycho Marbury.
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Buddy Harris with William Mott to NPC, arriving 10pm friday and available all weekend
Sarah Heimbach to PC Rayna

Sent in event payment and $10 membership.
I will be here NPCing. :)
Payment from William Gibbs is for Jess Benjamin.

to Clarify "Roger Harris" is Buddy Harris, the paypal screen when accessing from the ashbury HQ page doesnt allow you to add notes; only make a payment.
I'm glad it's not just me that for some reason can't add a note to PayPal. I was starting to feel dumb.
The Ash Forest would like to claim Wyvern, please.
Please remove William Mott from the NPC list, he unfortunately has an IRL emergency that will keep him away this weekend.