April Favorites


I'll start. ;)

First off, I want to THANK all of our wonderful NPC's for helping making this a fun Event. It couldn't be done without you!!!

Despite my (obviously?) not looking so to several individuals who were so very nice and coming over checking on me, and my sincere apologies for my (many, Many?) misunderstandings since I am still getting used to my new digital hearing aids, but I *did have* an enjoyable the event!

{The other favorites in no particular order}

* Giving Taz the opportunity to say on the first day of the event, "You want to me to do nothing, Riiight?" While regarding a nearby body.

* "Do you think you've done enough damage today?"

* Observing (and enjoying) Ryan cutting it up during one tavern mod.

* Beryl's & Blue Wolf's singing Ritual.

* Gertie losing her temper in Sign!

* Iganeous asking me what I was doing, to which I replied, "Oh, just having fun observing.", prompting a random NPC who was walking by the table in front of us to suddenly stop & comically ask "What?!?"

* Observing Tony spontaneously breaking into a smile during one of the tavern mods when I'm sure he was trying to stay serious.

* Enjoying Locke's sign language classes and related fun.

* I'm going to have a long, hard time unremembering not to call Blue Wolf "Ritual-o-Matic" after overhearing it said as one player (sorry, I can't remember who) said it as they were maneuvering between me and the circle during one of Blue Wolf's rituals.

* A Big bad?:"I'm not going to have any trouble outta you, am I?", Me {while reaching into my bag}:"I can try...", A Big bad? {wagging finger}:"Hey... hey... Stop that!"

* Observing yet more Sleeping Zihr antics.

* Me:"You're here to kill me, right?", NPC(thoughtfully considers for a moment):"Emm... No." then charges after another pc in the tavern.

* The times Locke wagged her finger. :)

{and my last favorite}
* Our wonderful new Chapter Owners. Hear, hear and Thank You!!!
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I agree the NPCS definately help to make the event both fun and interesting. and it was good to see old friends and new people there at the event. It was good to see the new owners getting into the game and learning some of the inner workings of the game.

David Raatz
This was such a blast and I'm glad to have had the opportunity and pleasure to play what is essentially a crucial role in ending the Blight. I doubt this will be the true end of the blight but I look forward to what comes next.

Favorite moments
1) High on euphoria Oakengrove
(Note: Sober Oakengrove rejects all responsibility for what may or may not have occurred while under the influences of Euphoria, Oakengrove also denies any claims that he took it willingly)
2) Having the opportunity to play a critical role in the ritual to end the blight and unintentionally but quietly, gaining the unofficial title of Djinn slayer
3) Swinging 20 magic felt sooooooo good, Tho part of me wishes I had Florentine so I could have just gone absolutely ape on the blight
4) Because of that big mod, I now have something to write for my first IBGA which is exciting
5) the High Ogres wanting to become Pyromaniacs for like 10 minutes (Whilst in the presence of a dryad village)
6) Locke's response to finding out Oak got hit with euphoria and the 20 minutes of chaotic scrambling to find an antidote
7) Chaotic but enduring battles are some of the most fun battles
9) Oak and Ignaeous having a long and in-depth conversation dedicated to just passing ideas about how to trap and/or destroy it. (totally did not discuss setting the entire area ablaze)
10) the rain was light up until the end of the night horror mod. Then it was just heavy enough to set the mood and give Oak permanent fear of the dark.
Gotta say that Bannana was definitely in scale. I wish I had known about the Euphoria shenanigans (I ALWAYS have at least 1 on me) or the sign class!

I did very much enjoy just interacting with everyone. I know my group got a smidge upset that I ended up stopping to randomly introduce myself. "I don't think we've met, a pleasure. My name is Roan. And you are?" -"NO ROAN STOP WE HAVE TO DO A THING."

Rowan giving Beryl a biscuit and his reaction. "Holy **** it's actually a dog bone!"

Daddy's Bone.

Spending waaaaaaaaay too much on the auction.

Patch: "How do I human?"

And overall seeing old faces from when I first started to LARP (back in the old days from the long long ago.) as well as making new friends.
Spending time with old friends and seeing all the new faces!

NPC's did a great job!

for the time I was able to spend in game I had a blast - my apologies for having other things going on.

I am excited to hear all about the ritual and everything that happened after.

Loved the vampire fight Friday night, the sea serpent on the beach, and the picnic on the Plane of Life.

Great job in the kitchen Gerty and Temmie (sp?).
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I first want to thank everyone for coming to our opener. It was a blast see all the new and returning people come together to form our great and growing community!

Favorites for the Weekend:

1. Hold, there is magic all aroundyou321layon! It was only 7-8 Rituals in a row, so could have been worse.
2. I loved how excited my NPCs were to have a Rumors Chart to have stuff to talk about. I heard so many little RP pieces come out of them.
3. The Return of Daddies Money himself Jekar Dekar! The Sea Serpent mod was a blast, even if the PCs decided to only swing large body numbers at me (I am looking at you Von Gryphon)
4. My dual with Cass was intense. It was a great fight.
5. Squire Knick-Knack’s triumphant return! Shame Cass was asleep by the time he arrived but it lead to a great mod were Zenia did everything in her power to stop the Kobold from stabbing a dwarf to death.
Yall think, “Why Cass how can you do this to a Kobold? Well when the curse is finally lifted and Cass has a dragonkyn understanding yall will understand “
The rumor board in NPC camp was a blast! I loved dropping mod hooks as Temmie.

Temmie getting part of the town split and getting enough money for a bachelor's Degree.

Playing Dead

Doing kitchen again was fun :) I hope to come back as Temitha again soon!
For what time I was present, my favorites were:
~ the rumor board. It really helps npcs out!
~ it was not my favorite, because it was so unpleasant, but my dear, sweet, stupod daughter cassidy was roleplayed very well.
~ the conversation with the rest of the tree roots when we were waiting for the players to approach. I'll always remember when we heard the djinn die.
~ the Djinn's death was a great moment in general
~cameo-ing the King of Birds was very fun.
Had tons of fun at this event, it was great being back playing with everyone. Some of my favorites in no particular order:

- Mint giving Roderick dirty looks when he started casually talking about burning down a village, leading to the Ogre's marching through the forest chanting, "Burn the village!" Getting a second extra dose when Roderick said, "Mint, you better get these Ogre's under control, or they're going to hurt the villagers we're here to save."

- Oakengrove getting dosed up on Euphoria. "Oak, how do you feel?" "SO GOOD!" "Well that's just awful. Don't worry Oak, we're going to get that cured." Then later after the antidote coming up and asking, "Oak, how do you feel?" "Terrible again..." "That's wonderful!"

- Beryl yelling out, "Is that Roderick!?! It is!" Bluwolf asking, "Who's Roderick?" and being told, "A horny elf."

- "I think someone died to the vampire!" "Who?" "One of the women wielding a shield and a sword." "That doesn't narrow it down at all!"

- Tony's NPC who came in asking, "Do you know someone named Beryl?" "Sure, I know Beryl." "Do you have anything positive to say about him?" "You should go talk to Bluwolf, they hang out a lot, I'm sure he has something positive to say."

- Intentionally antagonizing Bluwolf all weekend about how Earth is the only good magic, and him giving it right back about how it's just that I'm jealous of Celestial magic.

- Halvar's solemn goodbye. Nate did a fantastic job, and really gave the scene a great weight!

- Catching Tony sizing me up as a corrupted lizard. "Hey, someone kill that lizard, I think it wants to fight me, and I don't do that."

- Once again joking with the Gryphon Guard about how I'm not a healer. "Anytime someone asks, you just tell them I'm a simple archer. Tell them I'm a delicate archer that throws delicate arrows."

- Triage circle with my fellow healers Venrick, Edwina, and the fourth one (my apologies for forgetting your name!). Not something that's normal in Minnesota, but was plenty entertaining while the stick-swingers were off slaying monsters.

- Edwina following me into the darkness when I was seeing if I could sneak around to rescue Edwin. I kept trying to wave her off, but I think she thought I was motioning her forward. Edwina's super brave with her one packet and dagger!

- Gryphon Guard resurrection scene with Edwin. It was nice being reminded that the Gryphon Guard is about fun and jokes, and lots of laughs as we brought one of our own back to life.

- Erick trying to persuade Halvar to wear the Gryphon Guard tabard when we're heading out for the mod where we sacrifice him.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at next event!