April IBGA


Minnesota Staff
April IBGA submissions open today and submissions will be due April 26th at 11:59 pm. Please fill out the following Google Form, https://forms.gle/bmJhCvm1M8nZgu14A

Any IBGAs submitted after the time limit or not done through the google form will not be accepted.

Major Actions are the meat and potatoes of the IBGA. This is the primary thing your character is doing during their down time. This could be exploring a new area, researching forbidden knowledge, or hunting down big bad monsters. Please list any relevant Craftsman/Profession skills that may aid in your action as well as any standings in various guilds that may aid you. Major Actions will generally help move along the plot of the game or lead to an individual mod based on the action taken.

Minor Actions are small actions for characters to partake in. These will not effect the over all plot of the game but gives additional flavor to your characters story like visiting you favorite bakery, managing your bar, or meeting up with buddies from the last war.