April Snow Consolation Party Favorite Moments and Quotes


It was only an evening, but I still want favorite moments! There seemed to be a lot of great RP interactions happening.

  • Puck's sullen crankiness whenever he saw the fire elemental I was playing. "Go back to your stars!"
  • Fire poi! Whaaaat. How cool!
  • "I should like to have both the astronomy and the telescope."
  • Delicious steak!
  • The expression on Nyt's face and her tone of voice when talking about chaos marks.
  • Walking in and seeing Spark the fire elemental she literally made my night!!! So excited :)
  • Talking about what passion means with Spark and trying to get some fun things going. Even tried it with a bunch of barons did not do well on that account.
  • Also funny when someone asked Spark for water :)
  • Then with Spark we tried to hook up some people to get some passion going (Sorry Cynder luv ya)
  • Asking Fynn for the keys for the "Wagon" and people were like you guys lock up your wagon? And Fynn without missing a beat, why yes of course I do I lock up everything :p
  • Then when someone said there are fire dancers, I could not wait to see them and then jumped up and down for joy that they were REAL poi fire dancers. (It is just crazy cause I am learning it now and silly me thought when someone was doing fire dance at a Larp event it would not be real, fire! That was just the best!!)
  • Anders then having Knox ask about how I am going to learn fire dancing and what I will be wearing :p
  • Talking to Bels about the MWE Festivals and we kept squirreling ourselves :p
  • Danced around the bonfire with Star another fire elemental. (Can I just mention that Fire Elemental are the most fun. )
  • Got to chat with different people about Order of the Entertainers ( I am really excited about how many people seem interested.)
  • Had fun hanging out with Dawn, lumi's sister. ( Lumi was here at the party in spirt through her sister.)
  • Got to meet many new MWEs, there can never be to many MWEs at a party!!
  • Playing a new fun game with Jesse's character because I heard if you lose you get drunk but then actually winning because I am still too competitive to try not to win. Only a MWE could be disappointed about winning :p
  • Debating with people about Spark. She said she was a passion fire elemental and is that more life or chaos, really cool conversation. Anders though knowing a lot about fire came in and gave us the technically name and then set us strait.
  • Joining Izzy when he says he was going to go have a boring conversation and I was like if I come it will not be boring :) Got to luv how MWE just barges into things :) I think it was not boring because I was there, we even got to see a really cute baby bunny and watch a bunch grown men go all cutesy. And thanks Banks for keeping me warm with your cloak.

There basically is a theme to me last night, I was just soo exited last night I was like a MWE on crack, with all the fabulous things going on :)
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*Jack's cooking, as always, -such- a treat. Thank you, Jack, for putting in your time and effort to make sure we had a great meal even if we couldn't have our weekend game.
*Teaching Goblins about sex with Peat Moss.
*Meeting all the new and out of town players and getting to roleplay with some of them!
*Morningtide deciding he must greet everything Alis says by sighing.
*Being friends with Nyt; no further explanation required.
*Playing games with people.
*Chatting with Egil and Lagarde
*Hearing about an entertainers guild forming!
*Letting people know I was a bone golem, not an undead. lol

Least favorite part- Not knowing there was steak.... :-(