April's Market Expectations and News


Chicago Staff
Good morrow to all travelers and residents.
I just wanted to make a posting to further highlight some of the issues/tasks the adventuring community need to handle this weekend.

1) If the adventuring community feels up for it, we can go attempt to take down the Young Spinedrake that Foreman Oliver warned us of.
2) We are continuing to grow relations with the Elven Kingdom. There will be an excursion out to a wooded/floral area that will need cleared for us to retrieve a Red Rose Crystal Bulb. I apologize if that is not in the right order but that is the item we are seeking. It will only bloom during the transition to dusk. I have done a lot of recon on it and will explain my findings in person tomorrow.
3) We are in need of food for the town. The town has grown in size and we have mouths to feed. Expeditions to get food or trade arrangements will be necessary.
4) We will be discussing the next buildings for the growth of the town. Tarikk has reached out to me between gathers and wants to begin helping me with these decisions. As always, I do my best to include the townfolk in these types of decisions. Shen, hopefully you will be in attendance, your wisdom and review in these situations is always appreciated.
5) Once the next set of buildings are decided, we will need to see what materials we have on hand and what we will need to either go search for or trade for.

Finally, if there are jobs, missions, desires, experiments or the like you wish to do, please let others know and report back what you find. We are beginning to have a better understanding of what has happened to this world and I would like to continue to keep ourselves as safe and prosperous as possible. Thank you to the Aviary, Fate's Pawns, Welcome Club and the many other individuals that have stepped up to provide and strengthen for the success of our town.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree