PASS ARC Proposal: 2.1 Ritual Update: Warder Glyph


Alliance General Manager
New Hampshire Staff
Proposed by ARC 5-17-23

Summary: Removal of the Earth/Chaos Vengeance option and general 2.1 verbiage update.

Vote: Rules Proposal from ARC for 2.1 [PASS]
The following chapters voted for this policy: NEPA, Atlanta, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Gettysburg, Denver, Chicago
The following chapters voted against this policy: Wisconsin

Synopsis of Conversations: The only comment on this proposal was a request for Warder Glyph to be expanded to more than just doorways.

The new text for Warder Glyph will read as:

Warder Glyph​

Catalyst Required:None
May Be Extended:True
Duration:20 Logistics Periods
Casting Time:5
Ritual Target Type:Location [Doorway]
Ritual Choice:Symbol, Command Phrase, Battle Magic Spell
Scroll Type:Enchantment
NPC Only Ritual:False
Role Play Only:False

The Warder Glyph Ritual creates a Glyph Symbol placed on each side of the Target Doorway. At the time of casting the Ritual Caster creates a unique symbol and provides a Command Phrase having from one to twelve syllables. Any character who passes through the Doorway must state the Command phrase as the last thing spoken before breaking the plane of the Target. If not, the Glyph Effect will trigger and Strike the character with a Battle Magic Spell or Vengeance Effect determined by the Ritual Caster at the time this Ritual is cast. There is no visible change in the Glyph Symbol when a command word is spoken or at any other time.

The Glyph Symbol must be at least 6" by 6" and cannot be covered or hidden by any means. Failure to place a physical rep on the Target Doorway before the end of the Ritual casting causes the Ritual to fail.

At the time this Ritual is cast, the Caster must cast or activate a Battle Magic spell of the same Aspect to be absorbed into the Target Doorway. The following effect groups can be Chosen Spells: Binding, Command, Curse, Necromancy, or Evocation.

For spell effects that require line of sight, the Chosen Glyph Symbol is treated as the Caster. A Warder Glyph Effect will never restore Body Points or remove negative effects under any means.

The Ritual can be cast at a higher difficulty for Arcane Delivery with any Battle Magic spell or Elemental Delivery, if it uses an Evocation spell. Alternatively, the Ritual can be cast at a higher difficulty to place a Vengeance Effect into the Target Doorway instead of a Spell. Once a delivery option is set, it can not be changed.

The effect of a Warder Glyph is a radius delivery with an area defined as the plane of the Target Doorway. Casting Dispel on the Chosen Symbol will allow one character to step through the Target Doorway without activating its Effect.

A cast Warder Glyph on a portal should have a posted Marshal Note, based upon Local Plot Committees’ guidelines.

This Ritual requires 3 Reagents to cast as listed on the scroll. Any additional Reagents required by the Ritual should be of the same types as listed on the Ritual scroll.

  • 2:3 Reagents, Spell level 1-3, Spell Delivery.
  • 5:4 Reagents, Spell level 4-6, Spell Delivery.
  • 8:5 Reagents, Spell level 7-9, Spell Delivery.
  • 12:5 Reagents, Caster is Celestial Aspect - Vengeance (10 pts per Ritual Strength of the Caster).
  • 14:6 Reagents, Spell level 1-3, Arcane or Elemental Delivery.
  • 16:7 Reagents, Spell level 4-6, Arcane or Elemental Delivery.
  • 18:8 Reagents, Spell level 7-9, Arcane or Elemental Delivery.

Spellcraft Difficulty:2 - The following Warder Glyphs cannot be Spellcrafted: Web, Doom, and Vengeance. Only Spell Delivery may be Spellcrafted.
Spellcraft Cost:2
Spellcraft Duration:5 Days
Spellcraft Incant:I CALL UPON THE POWER OF <aspect> MAGIC TO CRAFT THE WARDER GLYPH <declare choices> RITUAL
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