[.11] Armor Enchanments


I don't know if it has changed in 2.0 but my understanding for 1.3 was as long as you have a large enough tag you could fudge down the tag if you were wearing less armor as said above. IE Taking off Grieves, Bracers, or Helm.

This leaves me with a question if this is the case. What if I have a rit on a 40 point suit of armor but could only wear a 27 points of armor. Would this still be the case as long as I was only ever using the of armor total I was allowed?


I would rule that you couldn’t tear down the armor tag at that point, but mostly for a customer service reason. Namely, it would be pretty crappy for someone to steal your nice, magical armor and then tear it down to 1 Armor just because they could.

Better if it was unable to be torn down once it was magical.