Arrival of a Fallen Noble, Dirge of the Baron

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In the portal room, there is a powerful and short message from Mobeus "We have recovered the remains of Baron Gerard. Magistrate Mobeus and Squire Hamish need immediate passage to Calanhelm. Please open the Portal to Parson's Breach, and we will arrive shortly." It isn't long before the proper authorities are granted, and the portal opens in a explosion of glorious colour.

(Dirge of the Baron -

Stepping in from Parson's Breach is Mobeus and Hamish, they bear in their possession the remains of Baron Gerard. Mobeus speaks in a soft but even tone, "For those who remember Baron Gerard, was originally was penned to be the leader of Parson's Breach, the nephew of the King, and son of the Grand Dutchess. Baron Gerard lost his life one night to a mixture of two poisons during a Masquerade.. the precursor to the heroes of Parson's Breach being sent to their new home. The Archmage Az'Caine and the Aspirant Mobeus investigated this, and it turned out to be a plot carried out by a betrayer wearing the home guard tabard. The Masquerade was a weaponless affair for most people, the Elf was sure to cause some major damage, but Mobeus used some of his paltry magic at the time to disarm him, allowing for the Warriors to take the betrayer down. These events were over a year and a half ago, during that time, a proclaimed Undead Biata Duke seemingly stole the body of Baron Gerard and returned him to unnatural life. Since then he has harrowed and attacked Parson's Breach from time to time."

Mobeus pauses for effect before proceeding to speak loudly about the events as they unfolded "It was last night that the Baron Gerard returned to us, attacking us in the night with a slew of undead. Squire Hamish, Forthright Obadiah Ostrem III, and Jax showed brilliant displays of martial prowess, but Baron Gerard's quick and elusive nature made many of the blows unsuccessful. In turn I also used my powers to remove one of his weapon, in turn another weapon was felled by our heroes as well. During this time the Earth Weaver Frederick summoned a Life Elemental, I assisted as I could with reagents and research of the incant, and Frederick made a deal in order to restore the creature that Baron Gerard became... and thus turn him to the body of a beloved son and nephew. After the Baron fell due to the martial mastery, I used the Celestial power of Solidification so that the Vampire could not return to his master. After a few moments of surprise by the raw power of solidify perhaps, Squire Hamish and Third both slew him. The Life Elemental approached the fallen form of the Baron, and returned him from Undeath to the yet lifeless person you see in our possession now."


Several Earthweavers enter the portal room. "As summoned by the portal guardian, we are here to see to the body of the Baron, and prepare him for re-internment in his family mausoleum."

With that they begin their work and with great care and diligence the Baron is oiled and wrapped, placed gently on a silken stretcher and covered with a cloth covered in the emblem of the Grand Dutchy of Calanhelm. The servants accompanying the Earthweavers then pick up the stretcher and begin walking out with the Baron's body.

"We shall see his Lordship safely to his final resting place. A message has been sent to the Grand Duchess of his return, and of his placement back where he belongs. If you wish to speak to her directly about how you were able to return him home, I suggest you see her staff to determine if she is accepting visitors."

He bows to Mobeus and Hamish, and exits the room behind the other Earthweavers and the servants.
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