As the sun rose

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As the sun rose over the horizon, it struck upon the tall peaks of the ornate house and its well-tended trees and gardens. Finally it fell upon the cloaked shoulders of Shatrevar, waiting patiently for the first signs of life stirring in the nobles’ house. He knew it would be the staff who would notice him, as they were of the same station as he, a simple being with few expectations; a noble would not even know he existed. He wondered if they would wake their Master to alert him, but after but a moment he shook his head and chuckled quietly; they would not dare for such a small thing as he. They would watch and wonder for a while, then one or three of them would come out to tell him to go away or to go beg elsewhere. He would ignore their spiteful words and commands, as he had a Duty; something he had almost forgotten it felt like to have.

His mind traveled back to the evening before, when the noble had tasked him with it; protect her and keep her from harm. The Lady Illandra Remington-Jacos, was to be watched over, guarded and defended even from herself if need be. The noble didn't sense the quickening of Shatrevar's pulse at the request, or the momentary hesitation either. Would he be able to do what he failed to do so long ago; for but a moment he thought and then accepted his charge; his spirits and his honour could be redeemed yet still.

He went to her within moments of his charge and presented himself; his manner was simple and blunt; he was now her Shadow. He would be her sword, her shield and if need arose, he would be the one to take the fatal blow meant for her. It felt right as he gave the Vow to her, even though she did not understand its meaning to him. It was something he thought he would never give again, but the spirits had wanted him to live for some reason and perhaps it was for this reason he had survived.

She had left suddenly, almost dragged from the masquerade by her husband after his argument with the other noble. That was no concern of his, his only concern being her well-being and safety. When he stepped outside, he saw them boarding an ornate carriage that whisked them away quickly. He could not follow in this finery and mask, so he nearly ran through town to his small hovel of a room and gathered up his few belongings, armor and weapons. He set out in the middle of the night, questioning the occasional Home Guard patrol that he encountered as to the location of the Remington-Jacos estate. He was delayed and questioned several times by each group till finally he had arrived at his destination, just before dawn.

He now knelt in the cold morning air, wrapped in his warm cloak, soon hopefully to be redeemed by this task. In the faint first light of dawn, if anyone had been awake and looked upon Shatrevar, they would have seen a grand smile and tears of joy running down his face. For today was a new day and it promised something he thought he had lost; simple hope and the chance to live again as a true High-Ogre should, with honour. Soon he would service again and he could feel the return of joy finally.
(A few days later)
Kai makes her way towards the Jaque Haas manor. She is cleaned up and looking her most presentable in a purple and gold bodice and a flowy sea green skirt. Her fur is freshly brushed and washed, and she has been chewing a single clove to sweeten her breath. With her is her canvas backpack, also washed and scrubbed free of road dirt and grime, and her cloak is folded into a bundle on top. If she has any weapons with her, they aren't visible.

As she approaches the house, she notices some disturbed vegetation leading off to the side of the building, and the slightest hint of a familiar odor. She sets down her backpack and creeps along the side of the house. The scent grows stronger, and she can see in the distance the outline of a large cloaked person, who she now recognizes by smell. She pointedly looks at him, tilts her head towards the entrance, and then back to him. She nods slowly, hoping they have an understanding.

Backing away, she retrieves her backpack, straightens her skirts, and walks up to the front door. Taking a deep breath, she silently hopes that the Noble hasn't gone back on his decision to allow a lady-in-waiting. Finally, she lifts the door knocker and raps three times. Then, she waits....
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Rising from his kneeling position, he advances and nodding to Kai stands beside her waiting for the door to open onto their future.
A servent opens the door, "Yes, how may I help you?"
Kai gives her most charming smile. "Good morning. My name is Kai, and this is Shatrevar. We are the new personal servants of the lady Illandra. She should be expecting us."

(Assuming we are admitted, taken to IBGA)
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