Ashbury Final Season

To all players past and present:

Hello My name is William Mullally, most people might know me by my incredibly long time PC Sir Jonothan Dragonheart. As of the end of 2018 I have taken over the reins as Head of Plot for what will be the final season of the Ashbury storyline in 2019. I have to say it is with a little bit of sadness, but a whole lot of excitement that I have taken on this task. This has been been my gaming home off and on since the chapter first opened, day one. With well over 2 and a half decades of amazing stories that have been told, player characters that have become legends in our lands and others, it has been decided to give the oldest chapter one more good story before we flip the last page and move on to new stories and new lands.
To the young players, don’t let this discourage you from coming to play and enjoy this season. As HoP I can tell you that we are working on some really cool ideas to get you involved and help you become the future heroes in whatever lands you bring your characters to next, but this is your one final time to leave a mark in a land of legends, to be part of its history.
To the older players, we ask you to come back to join in that one last adventure. With my own long history with this chapter we are looking for ways to honor the legacy you may have been a part of. Give us a heads up and we will try and do some stories that will allow you to not only jump back in but make an impact in our last story.
Now while we want to have a ton of players, we will also be needing NPC’s to really make this last year story great. We are going to have a lot of roles which need to be filled and brought to life. I promise the storylines will be jammed pack with entertainment not only for the PC’s but for you, the loyal NPC’s who will be willing to be behind the curtain one last time.
So without further ado please check our schedule in the Ashbury out of game section and remember to be all that you can’t be.

William Mullally
Head of Plot 2019