Assault Started - The Prince's Peril - Repelled?..nope Success!


<Started by York>

Status - Repelled?..nope Success!

- Greyblades
- York Winters
- Wolfkin of Shademarch
- Gaden Vanguard (Regular Veterans)
- Few Dozen Warbands from Wayside
- 24 Honor Guards from Lord Thunderstep
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Reporting in from the front, I ain't got a lot of time to sleep on the job so here's the short version.

Those Greyblades and the Vanguard sure work together like a well oil machine, haven't seen much of that Winters fella, aside from the occasional rousing cheer when some construct behind the corrupt line goes down as he and a few of the Vanguard do their work. Sometimes the wolfkin help, but they've been mostly running messages back and forth. Them worthless Selunari ran off about the second we got into a decent fight, something about leaving the eshdir to deal with their own problems. Can't help but notice they took a bit more than their share of food and supplies with em.

Coming up on the target in the morning, hope things keep going this well, even though it's been one tough Slog.

-Linderk Thunderstep
Proud Dwarven Warrior
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Well it's over,

We put up one heck of a fight, got real close to, before that giant wave of corrupt and their constructs pushed us out, managing a fighting retreat now, but I wouldn't got charging back in there even if it meant saving my mama's braids. Panda is keeping the line and York....I don't know what happened to York and his shadow folks, I guess they got left behind.

Sorry we pushed hard but there is no way we are breaking through that line now, they are really riled up.

-Linderk Thunderstep

von Gryphon

Minnesota Staff
If I know York, he is either sub-staging a sneak attack from the flank on the node itself, or ressing from the attempt.
Panda is a true testament to bravery in the face of the Corrupt. Keep with her and buy York and the Blades some time if possible.
If a fighting withdrawal keeps the attention of the Corrupt, and can be successfully managed please do so. Fight defensively, and smartly - draw them away from the node if you can.

I owe you and your troops a night of drink and more, come back to Horizon in a month and a weeks time to drink with me or toast to my memory!
Strength and Honor!

Walk with Honor,
~Sir Victor von Gryphon
Knight of the Stayed Blade
I hate to make a good man a liar but I'm afraid Linderk was a bit early in considering our assault foiled.

Our troops fought as best they could but it became clear that the bulk of the assault force was never going to make it to the target. Just before we began to be pushed back my unit and I made our move and slipped into the darkness. As the fighting line moved passed us we pressed on into enemy territory. Though they were still plentiful the pitched battle had taken out enough of them to give us some room to maneuver. If you've never seen a unit of trained corrupt hunters doing there work by moon light... well it sure is something.

It took all night to move nice and slow to avoid drawing the main force back to us but we managed it somehow. We managed to destroy the target and got moving just before the sun started coming up.

I don't think we're going to be able to meet up with our main force from here so don't wait around for us, we'll make it home by road or by circle.

To the Dwarves, Vanguard, and Panda I salute you. Fine warriors one and all. Panda it was excellent fighting with you again.

To the Wolves of the Valley, thank you for all you did. I know this is not the sort of thing you are used to. Just know that your people answered the greatest call made in the last few hundred years.

To the Selunari who came, I hope for your sake that your people find you before I do.

-A very tired York
Huzzah for the Warriors! York, Panda, and all the Warriors assembled, yours is a victory that will not be forgotten...


Double time it back to the rally point we may need to hit a 2nd target!

Fern Woods
Bonded Guardsman