Assessment of Skill


Chicago Staff
Greeting Mercenaries of Prademar,

Many of you showed great displays at combat tactics a month ago and a handful have even joined the Atish Militia under General Daybright. However while strength and force are great assets, having the ability to think and problem solve are key traits as well. There is a training session we run that I believe may provide a good understanding of teamwork and problem solving. I'm sure more of the veterans within your ranks have taken part in similar exercises in your days but perhaps not the more novice members.

For anyone considered a novice or even those beginning the mercenary life I will send a member of the Militia to bring you to the training grounds, should you desire. Of course, you will be compensated upon completion.

- Sgt. James of the Atish Militia

(OOG: This can be run by anyone of any level who has not previous gone on the Pikmin/Golem puzzle mod at Chicago/Nationals. In the likely event of multiple interest, 2 groups may be split up for separate runs)