At Kai's cabin

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Morning is breaking. Inside, Kai rolls over, yawns and stretches. It's been a rough go for her, this last batch of Vulpine flu, but over the last little bit she has felt much improved. She turns the other way, dozily glancing at the garbage can heaped with used tissues, and the tottering stack of soup bowls. These days of illness have blurred day into night, night into day, and her sense of time is hazy. She thinks about her mate, and the honeymoon they were supposed to go on.

"Maybe... we could still go for first snowfall," she muses. "Or midwinter."
With her new wife being in the stocks, it wasn't like she was going anywhere anyways.

She stretches again, and considers a morning trip to the washroom. She is, she realizes, feeling better. Climbing out of the bunk, she starts to layer on her clothing. Her excitement builds, thinking of her friends, and wondering what she's missed. She wonders if Kumari is out yet.

"Even if she isn't, I can still come give her a kiss now." Kai's mood is looking up. "And maybe we can watch the festival together!" Thoughts of the festival grow her excitement, as she straps on her belt. "Ooo, maybe someone will need to hire a performer." Kai still has her pile of Cacophony sashes, and while running a team was stressful, it was also a lot of fun. "I wonder if there are still folks who need a team..."

Kai scoops up her bag of sashes, and pulls on her cloak. She feels ready for anything as she opens and the door and steps out into the world.

She is greeted by cool crisp air, fallen leaves, and the quiet murmur of an ordinary morning in the fort.
"Hey everyone, I'm bet-" Kai pauses, and looking at the changing leaves in the trees, and then the fallen ones on the porch railing. It's supposed to be summer, not fall.

Slowly, as if fighting the realization, Kai comes to accept the distressing fact that she has been sick for over a month. Her ears droop, lower and lower. The bag of sashes slides down off her shoulder, and lands softly on the porch. "I... I guess I should go check on Kumari, then."

Kai makes her way to the stocks, but does not find Kumari in them.
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